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10 Different Uses of the Word "So" in English

Flalingo 02.12.2023

Today, we will comprehensively examine the word "so", which is small in English and has many meanings and uses. This word, which attracts the attention of everyone learning English, has many different purposes. In addition, it can also take place in both informal and formal contexts. If you are wondering about the function of this word in the sentence, let us list it as well.

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The word so can be used as an adverb, conjunction, pronoun, exclamation, and hot in a sentence. But the use of the word “so” is not limited to these. For example, I will examine and give examples of 10 different usage methods in this article. Learning this word, which has various uses in English, and its correct usage will provide you with a great advantage. Now let's detail and give examples of 10 different forms of the word "so".

1. So as a Conjunction

The most important use of the word so is as a conjunction. By connecting two sentences together, it helps us establish a cause-and-effect relationship respectively. Can explain cause and effect relationships within a single sentence by coming in the middle of a sentence. Additionally, by placing it at the beginning of a sentence, it can add the meaning of cause in the previous sentence and the meaning of result in the sentence in which it is included. Let's look at examples:

  • I took my umbrella with me, so I didn't get wet.
  • They have graduated from good universities. So, they find jobs with high salaries.

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2. So Indicates Purpose

The question we know from the cause-effect relationship can also indicate purpose and effect when fulfilled. It is possible to use it alone or within the so that pattern. Let's examine it with examples:

  • I took the fast train so I'd get home early.

Here, the second sentence states the goal, while the sentence before it describes the action taken to achieve this result.

  • So that you understand this, I'm making it as clear as possible.

Here, too, it is noteworthy that the sentence adjacent to it is used as the primary purpose, and the sentence following it is used as a tool.

3. Purpose-Consequence Sentences Using So As

While so indicates the purpose on its own, it can also have a similar structure in the form of so as. Let's examine the example:

  • I'm taking the small roads so as to avoid the traffic on the motorway.

4. So as an Indicator of Additionality

In this usage, so appears in an additional form. so can be used when you want to add an addition to the action or person. In this usage, so can mean also or additionally.

  • I once lived in Singapore, so did my fiancee.
  • He says he's got the answer, but so does everyone else.

5. Degree Reporting So

It is one of the most common and easiest uses of the word so. Depending on the sentence in which it is used, a negative or positive rating can be made. It is better for us to take a look at examples.

  • The computer is so old that it breaks down twice a week.

In this sentence, he emphasizes the negative side of the adjective he uses by adding the meaning of "extreme".

  • This ice cream is so delicious.

Even though it indicates a degree in this sentence, it does not have a harmful effect. Plurality here means something positive.

6. So Denoting the Conformity or Approval

So, which is used for verification or confirmation, appears at the end of the sentence with this usage. It can also be used as phrases such as if you say so, quite so, or I think so. It is especially appealed during dialogue. Now, let's look at other examples.

  • He was furious, and he told me so.

This sentence means that the person is angry and confirms the situation by expressing it and utilizing the word so. The word so describes both this approval and agreement.

7. So And So

In this usage, so and so mainly refers to a specific person or group. In this usage, it can also be inferred that this person or group whose names are not mentioned is not the beloved one. It is used in English as a pejorative expression, that is, an expression that carries satirical and negative meanings.

  • So and so said you were coming.

8. So-So

The so-so phrase, which has an informal usage, generally expresses how good or bad the thing being rated is. It has similar uses in our language, such as "this way", "well, that's it".

  • I'm feeling so-so today.

9. So as an Exclamation

In this usage, so can mean something on its own. Various emotions, such as surprise, relief, and discomfort, can appear with different tones and content. Like any exclamation, it can have an exclamation mark at the end. Here is an example:

  • So! That's the answer.

10. More So, Less So

So can also appear in words that indicate adjective comparison. Let's better explain this with examples.

  • The kitchen is very old-fashioned, the living room is more so.

In this sentence, while the oldness of the kitchen is explained in the first part, the use of more so indicates that the living room is older.

  • My old office was very dark; my new office less so.

Here, similarly, we understand that the adjective rated in the first sentence is at a lower level for the situation in the second sentence.


Here are 10 examples of so usage. In English, a single word can be used with many different meanings in different combinations. Learning and assimilating all of these requires good guidance. In this regard, Flalingo promises to provide the best service with professional teachers whose native language is English. We will be happy to see you among us.

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