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Highlighted Features

Progress Tracking

Development Tracking Panel

Track your employees' levels and ensure their progress with suitable tutors and materials.

Progress Tracking

Easy Reporting

One-Click Reporting One-Click Reporting

Easily report your employees' progress in the desired format with just one click.

Easy Reporting

Flexible Reservations

Adaptable to Busy Schedules

Flexible lesson hours suitable for a busy work schedule.

Flexible Reservations

LinkedIn Certification

LinkedIn Verified Certificate

LinkedIn-recognized certificate.

LinkedIn Certification

Assessment Test

Level Assessment Exam and Systematic Education

We combined 926 years of Oxford University experience with our innovative language teaching method.

Assessment Test

Certified Tutors

All certified, expert tutors in education

Effective learning process with the right tutor.

Certified Tutors

With Flai Feedback Robot

Flai is our feedback robot that tracks lessons and provides detailed reports on student progress. This way, you can easily track every lesson your employee takes and take necessary actions.

With Flai Feedback

  • Determine the language learning level of your employees.
  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Provide your employees with customized assignments and training plans.
  • Every step of the way, Flai supports your employees' language learning, helping you increase your company's global communication capacity.

Follow the entire flow from the HR Tracking Dashboard.

See, analyze, and monitor your employees' lessons, quiz results, and feedback from tutors.

  • See levels, reward success

    See levels, reward success

  • Track lessons

    Track lessons

  • Track, manage, and change licenses among your employees

    Track, manage, and change licenses among your employees

Follow the entire flow from the HR Tracking Dashboard.
Follow the entire flow from the HR Tracking Dashboard.

Source of Motivation

Flalingo Corporate is the choice of well-established companies with our system that can offer flexible hours for busy employees, clearly reports the English learning process and our experienced teachers.

  • Advanced Reporting and tracing system
  • Choosing the right tutor Smart matching system
  • Oxford University Press
  • 24/7 live support line, 5-star customer support

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Answers to Some of Your Questions

  • Companies that cooperate with Flalingo Corporate benefit from the following key benefits of our corporate language training program:
  • Flexibility: Employees can improve their business English skills wherever and whenever they want.
  • Personalization: With specially selected certified trainers, they receive personalized language training, focusing on what your team needs.
  • Progress Tracking: You can access a dashboard designed to evaluate the progress of your employees.
  • Support You will have a dedicated training consultant for your company who will answer questions and quickly resolve issues in your employees' native language.

Flalingo differs from other English learning platforms with 5 key features:

  1. AI-powered tutor matching algorithm: Flalingo uses an AI-powered algorithm to match students with experienced and professional English tutors. This allows students to have lessons with the tutor that best suits their needs and goals.
  2. Unlimited access to Oxford University Press materials for online education: Flalingo offers students unlimited access to educational materials specially designed by Oxford University Press. These materials help students improve their English language skills.
  3. Course mode Flalingo's course mode allows students to keep track of their English learning progress. Students can see their lesson progress, track completed topics and monitor their overall development.

In Flalingo, you have access to leading series of Oxford University Press publications.Adults: English File: English File is a series of English courses for adults. This aims to improve grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills.Business English: Business Result is a series for adults looking to improve their English skills in the business world. It focuses on skills such as business communication, presentation skills, and customer relations.These materials can be accessed at your level, and you can access hundreds of interactive materials, videos, and content. You can solve interactive activities at your own pace and check your answers. Additionally, you can ask your tutor questions during one-on-one lessons and reinforce concepts you don't understand with more practice.

We have developed an HR panel for your company representative to track the progress of your team and the usage of lessons. This HR panel allows you to see the overall language proficiency (according to the CEFR framework), view statistics on completed and planned total lesson counts, and track the performance and progress of team members.

We've shared frequently asked questions here. If you still have questions, you can reach us at this number or [email protected] email address.

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