Which plan makes sense for me?

For most of our students (starters and intermediates – A1 to B1), we recommend practicing 5 days a week for 50 minutes a day. The reason is that will give you enough English practice opportunity and time to get the benefits of online practice.

How long should it take?

We recommend a 12-month subscription because it takes time to improve your speaking skills and overall English level. This is also the most preferred option by our students and the biggest discount is for a 12-month package. However, you can also choose 6-month package and upgrade anytime.

What should my level be to join Flalingo?

We have over 20.000 students with different backgrounds, ages, and levels. Even if you are a beginner and hustling your way up English speaking, or you are already a good speaker and want to fix your pronunciation, we can help. Our tutors are experienced with different levels of students.

What will I talk about with the tutors?

We have lots of English content for you to talk about with your tutor. We have articles, practice materials, vocabulary lists for various occupations such as engineering, marketing and sales, software development and more. We constantly add new materials, so you always have good topics to talk about when practicing English.

Perfect, when can I start?

As soon as you subscribe, you can start immediately. We have our tutors online waiting for you 24/7 to start practicing English. You'll also enjoy the best discount we have if you subscribe today.

Do you have any ongoing discount campaigns for English courses?

Yes, we frequently offer special discounts to our students through various discount campaigns organized to support your journey in learning English. By following our active campaigns, discounts, promotions, and coupon codes, you can access quality English education at more affordable prices. Don't forget to regularly check our website to not miss out on our special offers.