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Why is Speaking English Harder and How to Overcome It with Flalingo?

Flalingo 29.05.2024

Some people describe speaking English as a dream, while others see it as a challenge that needs to be overcome. In fact, speaking English is more of a reflex than a basic skill that people use to meet their fundamental communication needs in daily life. Who among us would classify the ability to speak Turkish as a skill? Or do we focus on word order, grammar structure, inflection, and derivation suffixes while speaking our mother tongues, forming sentences thoughtfully? Speaking English is not much different from the native languages we speak. However, the main difference is that the country, culture, and language environment we were born into have not given us a reason to speak English until now. Therefore, speaking English is as difficult for us as it is for people learning a different language, regardless of their mother tongue. In this article, I will briefly inform you about why speaking English is harder and discuss the ideal approaches, paths, and methods to overcome it.

Speaking English is not a dream! With Flalingo, where you practice English learned through the right methods with the right people, you will see this for yourself! The first thing you need to do to receive a comprehensive English education by speaking exclusively with expert English teachers at Flalingo is to fill out the form!

Table of Contents

  • Why is Speaking English Harder?
  • What Are the Obstacles to Speaking English?
  • What Does Flalingo Offer to Overcome the Barriers to Fluent English Speaking?
  • In Summary, Speaking English with Flalingo is Really Possible!

Why is Speaking English Harder?

As I mentioned earlier, if speaking English is difficult for us, perhaps speaking another language is just as challenging for an English speaker. However, this question involves many issues that need to be resolved and many definitions that need to be made.

Sometimes, we struggle to speak English; I mentioned that this is natural. However, the fact that English lessons are introduced as soon as possible and occupy as much space in the weekly schedule as Science and Mathematics, yet we still can't speak it, indicates major problems. Furthermore, the traditional courses that were introduced as solutions did not help us learn English, and they also consumed our time and effort.

Yet, we all memorized the grammar, rules, vocabulary, and conjugations perfectly well. So why couldn't we speak English with the same fluency?

Before looking at the flaws in the education systems, let's unveil the mystery behind learning to speak English.

An Instance On the Hardship of Speaking English

Instead of explaining at length why speaking English is harder, let’s accomplish the same task with an example. Imagine you are learning mathematics at school. The teacher explains the topic and writes the formulas on the board. They might even demonstrate an application with an example. If students merely flip through their notebooks before the exam and memorize the formulas, a poor outcome awaits them. Facing a very similar question that could be solved with the same formula, a student who studied in this way is likely to fail miserably. This is because they have not completed the learning steps.

Just as mathematics requires practice, so does English. The simplest definition of the learning process is the student's ability to use theoretical knowledge when faced with a problem and to apply it to real life.

English is a language that holds practical value. If you don’t incorporate it into your daily life, merely memorizing it will make speaking it difficult when the time comes. In its most accurate form, if you do not speak English while learning it, do not use it in different ways, and do not see it as a tool for communication, it will continue to be a challenge for you.

What are the Obstacles to Speaking English?

The barrier to speaking English is not you. There's no need for cheap motivational talks here. While education is everyone's right, the main cause of our inability to receive adequate education in English, a language spoken worldwide, is definitely the wrong education system and those who, despite having the power to improve it, do nothing about it.

However, this should not tie our hands. It is possible to overcome this difficulty. But first, let's list the situations that prevent us from speaking English:

Thinking of English as nothing but Rules

Yes, learning the language requires understanding its rules. However, language rules only make up a small part of English. While learning these rules, you should focus on how to make them functional in different communication methods. It's correct to learn the grammar rules of English, but unless you learn the different requirements of written or oral communication, it will remain ineffective.

Learning English without Speaking it

If we want to speak English, we must try to speak English. Just as we cannot solve a math problem without actually solving one, we cannot gain speaking skills without practice and trial.

Not learning from mistakes while learning English: The process of learning and speaking English is full of mistakes. Think about it, we even make mistakes when speaking Turkish. However, if we do not learn from our mistakes while learning English, everything we know will be wrong. Learning from these mistakes is what will teach us the correct way. Meanwhile, someone should guide us and point out these mistakes.

Working without a Specific Plan

Just as children do not start running the moment they are born, or we do not go through a crawling phase at the age of 18, there cannot be unplanned learning in learning English. When learning English, we should first learn to introduce ourselves, then talk about our families, our hobbies, describe a day in our life, and maybe discuss global issues in later stages. While we use the present simple tense to introduce ourselves, we refer to more complex tense patterns to discuss the negative impact of globalization on artisans. However, all these should be learned step by step, in a planned manner.

Avoiding Expressing Ourselves while Learning English

Even when we sometimes speak English while learning, we should avoid dodging our turn in class by using similar sentences. When it's our turn to speak, we should try to convey our own ideas through sentences. Because when we need to speak English, our goal will not just be to save our turn.

Trying to learn English from those whose main job is not teaching

Everyone says there are endless resources online for speaking English. Some even demean people seeking advice on which method to use for fluent speaking. First, do not pay attention to these people. Second, use every resource and opportunity in the correct way. Third, do not entrust your English learning to those whose main profession is not teaching. Because the people who should help you learn from mistakes, give you the right tips, guide you properly, and provide instant feedback should be individuals disciplined in educational sciences. Otherwise, what you think is correct today might turn out to be wrong tomorrow. You should be careful about this.

What Does Flalingo Offer to Overcome the Barriers to Fluent English Speaking?

We observed what major barriers there are to fluent English. So, what does Flalingo offer that gives you fluent English skills without these obstacles? Let's look at it briefly:

Professional Teachers

Flalingo works with certified individuals in teaching. These instructors go through a much more detailed selection and testing process to be part of Flalingo, compared to other platforms. You can confirm this by doing your own research. These expert instructors will conduct one-on-one lessons with you, providing the correct advice and tactics to correct your mistakes. They will offer a personalized education by understanding your learning pace, goals, and inclinations. Also, at Flalingo, you have the opportunity to have regular lessons with instructors you like. This content is perfect for you to learn about the advantages of choosing teachers on Flalingo.

Structured Lessons and Curriculum Tracking

There's no need to bring up again the importance of progressing level by level in English learning. Knowing this, Flalingo does not compromise on offering level-appropriate lessons. The lessons follow a plan and cover topics in accordance with Oxford University Press resources. Moreover, if you prefer a conversation-focused lesson instead of covering a topic on a particular day, you can choose the Relax Mode. This way, while the education plan remains intact, you can learn English as you wish. By exploring both Casual Mode and Lesson Mode, you can see their benefits in terms of speaking.

FLAI Reports

At Flalingo, your teacher is not the only guide for instant feedback and correction of mistakes. FLAI reports analyze and present the necessary information as you speak. By the way, if you wonder what FLAI is, let me briefly explain: FLAI is an AI-based learning coach developed by Flalingo. It analyzes your conversations during one-on-one lessons, shows your mistakes in the reports, and provides the corrected versions. It also tracks your performance in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and offers suggestions. By following these reports, you can practice the necessary steps towards more fluent speaking. You can click for more information about FLAI.

A Gift From Flalingo: Flalingo Group Lessons

Learning to speak English with a professional teacher at Flalingo is a great opportunity for everyone. However, Flalingo doesn't stop there. To help students gain confidence in speaking and experience something closer to real-life situations, it offers group lessons. These lessons are not offered as a separate package; because according to Flalingo, learning English without one-on-one mentorship and guidance can be hindered. That's why group lessons come as a gift with your 12-month package. In these group lessons, there is a maximum of 4 participants, each given equal opportunity to speak, again under the guidance of a professional and full-time teacher. The topics and discussion questions appropriate for the level follow the Oxford resources again. If this feature catches your attention, feel free to learn more!

In Summary, Speaking English with Flalingo is Really Possible!

In this article, we looked at why we face difficulties in speaking English. There are natural reasons for our struggle to speak English, as well as barriers related to education. Flalingo is clearing these obstacles one by one on the path to fluent English. Being part of a real communication process for fluent English, as well as providing a plan in the light of educational science, are among the primary duties of this platform. If you too want to experience something special and demand uncompromising education, it's worth taking a closer look at this platform right beside you!

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