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Why Does Your Child Need English Education?

Flalingo 09.12.2023

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

From the first moment of birth, children try to understand and make sense of their environment. We grow as the networks of this uninterrupted interaction with the world expand. My word is to you parents who witnessed this magical process; It is in your hands to enlarge the worlds and support the dreams of little explorers who communicate with their environment from the first second. Providing language education to children at an early age means guaranteeing their present and future and giving them a priceless gift.

As the Flalingo family, we are with you in this process. At Flalingo Kids, closely monitor your child's English education with your family advisor and make the most valuable investment in the future. From expert instructors to professional material support, from fun interface to flexible education, the best answer to children's needs is just a click away!

Table of Contents:

  • Why Should Families Encourage Children to Learn English?
  • What Parents Should Know About English Education Processes
  • Conclusion: Open the Doors of New Worlds to Your Child with English

Why Should Families Encourage Children to Learn English?

We can say that one of the most significant responsibilities of families towards their children is to provide a quality education. Conscious parents, on the other hand, encourage their children to learn languages from an early age, heeding the proverb, "Bend the tree while it is young." There are countless benefits of speaking a second language besides your mother tongue. At this point, English, the language of education that is valid worldwide, comes to the fore. Although knowing English will make an outstanding contribution to your child's future education and career life, its contribution today is undeniable.

  • Supporting Cognitive Development: One of the most significant benefits of English education to children is that it promotes cognitive development. Thanks to the studies carried out by scientists, we know that learning a language positively affects skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.
  • Cultural Richness: We all know the saying "one person, one language." But English is a language spoken all over the world. The English education you provide will improve children's capacity to recognize and understand different cultures. It is necessary to start English education today so that children do not become strangers to the world of tomorrow.
  • Empathy Ability: Anyone can have a promising career. But raising a reasonable person should be the first goal of families. English education will not only provide practical results, but will also contribute to raising your child as a good person because language education is a process that supports the development of empathy skills. Children who discover how people who speak different languages see life and the world can put themselves in other people's shoes. This ability, which we call empathy, is a way to bring good people into the world.
  • Gaining a Feeling of Self-Confidence: As self-confidence grows, it can become more challenging to attain. The feeling of self-confidence will be the most extensive help to your child in transitioning from social life to career. Learning a language can make children experts in communication processes. As a result of the interactive lessons he takes, the skills he will acquire in both meeting people and expressing himself correctly will come to light in the form of self-confidence.

What Parents Should Know About English Education Processes

Families also agree on providing English education to their children. So, do you have any knowledge and experience about this process?

Don't worry, Flalingo will be your child's most prominent supporter with its teachers who are trained in child development and are experts in English. With our support team and consultants who will inform you during this process, the sensitivity you are looking for is at Flalingo Kids!

If participating in this process excites you and piques your curiosity, you will find the information you are looking for in the rest of our short guide.

  • Children's Attention Span: The most critical factor in children's English learning process is their attention span, which is much shorter than that of adults. It would be wrong to expect children to sit and listen carefully to lessons like adults. With so much to discover, restless children's attention span should determine the class format. Our next topic includes a formula for how children with such short attention spans can benefit from English lessons.
  • The Importance of Entertaining Content: It's time to take a break from the seriousness of classes and catch up on the fun. Games are our biggest helper in attracting children's attention. Children's English learning process will be successful if educational content is supported with fun and games.
  • Chance of Acquiring a Second Native Language: Let's talk about a reality that families should be aware of regarding English education. Foreign language education provided at an early stage can function as a second mother tongue for children. In other words, the earlier this process begins, the better children will adopt English and be able to speak it as if it were their native language. English education received at an early age will accompany children throughout their lives.
  • Lesson Process That Supports Creativity: We mentioned that language learning supports creativity. However, families should also follow this requirement. Course content should encourage children's creative thinking. Children should not hesitate to speak up and express their opinions freely.
  • Effectiveness of Learning by Talking: We discussed the importance of supporting creativity in the previous sentences. Making this more possible is to base the lessons on speaking practice. We can say that the first advantage of this format is to increase children's interest in the class. In addition, while children's communication skills improve, teachers will support them in expressing their ideas freely. But the most important thing is that the knowledge of English acquired by speaking is more permanent. In this way, the English education process will proceed without loss.
  • Patience and Continuity: One suggestion to parents who want the best for their children is not to give up too quickly. Sometimes, children may get bored or lose interest in lessons. At this point, unfortunately, it would be a significant loss for children not to continue learning English. Families should be patient during this process so that English does not remain a bad memory in their minds. As continuity is ensured, the process will proceed more smoothly. In other words, families must be patient and continue rather than interrupt education when children do not show interest.
  • Close Follow-up of the Process: The biggest responsibility in children's education falls on parents. Parents should support their children in this educational process and follow their progress. Although this process may bring disruptions, it develops in an environment where you can discover new things about your child. Careful attention to children's needs and success in classes will only be possible with the contribution of their families. As the Flalingo Kids family, we care for this need and do our best to follow up on the education. In addition to being in close communication with the teachers, staying informed about everything with the necessary course-tracking system is effortless!

Conclusion: Open the Doors of New Worlds to Your Child with English

Parents, I promise you. Open the doors of new worlds to your child with English. English education, a timeless and unlimited investment method from the academic future to today's social development, cannot be neglected. The best time to teach English to children is as soon as possible. Those who speak English survive in a world where everything is changing rapidly. Don't leave today's work for tomorrow. With Flalingo Kids, feel the confidence of a quality language school with the right approach, expert staff, and more. Flalingo Kids is just a click away. A beautiful future, too...

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