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3 Reasons for Children to Learn English

Flalingo 31.10.2023

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1. 3 Reasons for Children to Learn English

1.1. People think as much as they know.

1.2. Perceiving the world is possible through perspectives.

1.3. To be happy is to transcend boundaries.

1. 3 Reasons for Children to Learn English

Hello everyone. I'm Osman, the founder of okulkocum.com, an educational platform. We provide support to students in their preparation for school and exams. During our guidance processes, we strive to get to know the student well, accurately identify their needs, and consider their future years.

At this point, discovering students' interests, talents, and vocational inclinations is of great importance. When we look at the professions of the future, I can say that we are preparing for a world where people will be more engaged in production and interpreting knowledge. Looking at the past 10 years, I must emphasize that many things in our lives have changed, and we are rapidly transitioning to a new ecosystem.

Ensuring that the future adults become global citizens while serving as a bridge for them is, I believe, a significant step. Our children should be individuals who can realize themselves anywhere in the world, regardless of the profession they choose. It is beneficial to invest in this from now on. Undoubtedly, the first thing that comes to mind at this point is language learning, especially English. Now, let's go through three reasons why they should learn English:

1.1 People think as much as they know.

Today's individuals, as you would agree, greatly enjoy expressing themselves. Speaking about any topic is more important than the knowledge we possess. Therefore, in the near future, when we believe there will be a greater need for people who make a difference while speaking, individuals will need to express themselves better. Not only with the words of their native language but also with words from different languages or cultures, a person who retains them in their mind reflects themselves through what they possess. This skill will be highly valuable in the near future.

1.2 Perceiving the world is possible through perspectives.

The rapid changes in the world have brought about a competition. It's about producing, advancing, and staying ahead.On the other hand, choosing the right teacher to teach English to children will support their staying positive. To understand what kind of teacher you should choose in this regard, just refer to the article.

The commitment of countries excelling in science and technology to create opportunities and innovate has been made possible by their different perspectives. It is not just about understanding and observing what is happening in our country but also about going beyond our borders by recognizing the needs of our values. To perceive the world, to invest in ourselves, we need to understand the world, goes through the necessity of language education, as you would undoubtedly appreciate.

1.3. To be happy is to transcend boundaries.

I took a closer look at the top 10 happiest countries in a study conducted in 2022 according to the World Happiness Index report. The happiness of these people is directly related to their level of well-being. Similarly, what these countries have valued in the past century primarily involves investing in people.

Therefore, in addition to language learning, we should also embark on a journey to provide our children with numerous other valuable experiences. This is a journey. Each generation builds the next. Let's not forget that our near future is in our hands and the hands of our children...

As Flalingo, we are here to support your children on their journey to happiness. That's why we have developed various systems such as course tracking and age-appropriate English education programs.

Now, let's come to Flalingo Kids. Let's shape your child's future together.

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