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Flalingo 14.06.2024

When searching for an English teacher for kids, the most crucial aspect for parents to consider is selecting the right teacher to whom they will entrust their children. At this point, it is quite reasonable for parents to want their children to learn English through speaking in online lessons and to demand the supervision of professional teachers. Therefore, as the Flalingo family, we have listened to the demands of parents. We have combined the best ways for kids to learn English with professional teachers. Thus, we invite you to Flalingo to start your child's English education. Or, you can first examine in detail the features that distinguish Flalingo's professional English teachers for kids.

Professional English Teacher for Kids

Conscientious families are exploring various ways to support their children's future plans from a young age. The largest slice of the child development pie is seen as learning English at an early age. At this point, many parents believe that practicing speaking is essential for their children to learn English. On the other hand, some parents want their children to start a structured English education at a young age to avoid future issues. At Flalingo Kids, we work with professionals on this matter. Thus, children learn English through speaking and do so with trained teachers and a curriculum. With these distinguishing features of Flalingo, your child will express themselves in the best possible way when learning English. Let's take a detailed look at how Flalingo Kids' expert English teachers for kids conduct their lessons.

Your Child Learns English Safely with Professional Teachers

It is not a reliable method to keep your children in front of a screen under the supervision of untrained teachers to learn English through an online system. As the Flalingo family, we recommend that your children interact with professional teachers who have received pedagogical training. Because their safety is paramount! Therefore, it would not be right to act carelessly at this point, even if they are learning English.

For this reason, Flalingo sees it as a necessity to work with teachers who have received special training to communicate effectively with your children. Moreover, a more effective method has been developed than having children try to express themselves by speaking English with random people online. This method involves your children continuing their one-on-one lessons with the same teacher regularly. Thus, children learn English without randomness and feel secure while developing through the bonds established by trained teachers. Additionally, having your child's development monitored by an expert teacher is crucial for their growth process.

Let's take a closer look at how Flalingo Kids' professional English teachers for kids conduct their lessons and ensure a safe and effective learning environment.

Meet Flalingo Kids and Their Teachers

Once your child gets acquainted with Flalingo Kids, you will have the opportunity to see how confident they become in expressing themselves during one-on-one lessons. For example, some children are introverted and fear stepping out of their comfort zone. While they may sing songs to themselves out of enthusiasm for English, they might freeze when speaking to a stranger in a one-on-one lesson. In such moments, a trained teacher knows how to communicate with your child. This way, your child gains confidence through the right methods and doesn't lose the confidence they have when they are alone.

At this point, we know that conscious parents understand the importance of a trained teacher. Therefore, we invite you to register with Flalingo Kids to review our completely professional teachers. By doing so, you can ensure that your child learns English confidently and effectively with the support of expert English teachers for kids.

English Education for Ages 4-12 with Flalingo Kids Teachers

Learning English through speaking has proven to be a highly effective method for children. For this reason, our English teachers, who use different methods for preschool children, believe it is appropriate to use different techniques for children after school. If you would like to look into the reasons in more detail, you can find them below this section.

By choosing Flalingo Kids, you can ensure that your child learns English in the most effective way possible, supported by professional English teachers for kids.

Preschool English Teachers

The fundamental idea for preschool children is to facilitate learning a second language just as they learn their native language. This means creating a space where children can mentally grasp the structure of the language before they learn to read and write. Therefore, Flalingo's professional teachers practice speaking with children. They prepare lesson content to help them learn basic sounds and words. Consequently, children have the chance to participate in one-on-one lessons where they can express themselves as if English were their native language.

It has been observed that when children learn English through this method, it becomes easier for them to express themselves naturally and fluently. As a result, in the future, they can put the effort they would spend learning English into learning another language. By making this decision for your children today, you give them a head start among their peers. Since the number of children learning English at this age is increasing, you wouldn't want your child to fall behind in the future. The earlier you decide to start English education, the more time you and your child will have to adjust to this system. Choosing Flalingo ensures that your child learns English in the best possible way, supported by professional English teachers for kids.

English Teachers For School Age Children

The important aspects for after-school English education differ slightly. The choice of teacher should depend on various factors such as the teacher's pace of teaching and how comfortable your child feels. However, it is also important to emphasize that teachers should be well-trained during this period. This stage, before adolescence, involves significant events such as meeting peers and discovering their characteristics, which will greatly impact their lives. At this point, the way the teacher communicates with your child while teaching English will have lasting effects on their life in the coming years.

We want to assure you that we provide the necessary dedication for your children. To ensure this, you can directly contact our educational consultants and ask any questions you may have. Choosing Flalingo ensures your child learns English effectively and confidently with the help of professional English teachers for kids.

Additional Support Features for Flalingo Kids Teachers

We have already discussed the personalized lesson content that our professional teachers provide when your children start their English education with Flalingo Kids. However, the opportunities Flalingo offers extend beyond this. Therefore, let’s take a look at some additional features that support Flalingo Kids teachers and shape your children's learning process.

By choosing Flalingo, your child benefits from a comprehensive approach to learning English, guided by expert English teachers for kids.

Interactive English with Oxford Children's Publications

The process we conduct in collaboration with Oxford Children's Publications will turn learning into a new game for your children. Just as the importance of a professional teacher is significant, we understand that the content of resource materials is also important to you. Therefore, you can explore the resources specially prepared by Oxford University Press for online English for kids.

In this process, before doing written assignments, your children will learn English through interactive exercises and repetitions. Additionally, they will complete the homework assigned by their teachers and review their one-on-one lessons.

By choosing Flalingo, your child benefits from a comprehensive and engaging approach to learning English, guided by professional English teachers for kids.

Professional Teachers at Flalingo Track AI Reports

At FLAI, our AI model monitors your children during one-on-one lessons. This ensures their safety under the supervision of AI and provides you with a detailed report at the end of each lesson.

The reports generated by FLAI for parents and teachers help in assigning the right homework to your child. Additionally, you can see your child's English level, areas of weakness, and strengths in the report. The report even includes activities you can do together with your child. This way, you are not left out of the online English learning process for your children. If you feel your English level might not be sufficient, we recommend checking out the Flalingo education packages available for you. Advancing this educational journey together will be invaluable for both you and your children.

By choosing Flalingo, your child benefits from a comprehensive and engaging approach to learning English, guided by expert English teachers for kids.

Invest in Your Children's Future with Professional Teachers!

With each new generation, statistics show that the number of English speakers is increasing proportionally. At this point, it is essential for your child to speak English to keep up with their peers in the future or to closely follow global trends. Moreover, learning English at an early age is crucial for understanding the evolving world from the perspective of a different language and culture.

When your children grow up and say, "Mom/Dad, thank you for teaching me English at an early age. If I had started late, I would have struggled to learn," you will feel the rightful pride of making this decision.

By choosing Flalingo, you are ensuring that your child receives the best English education, guided by professional English teachers for kids, and investing in their bright future.

Backup Plans for Your Child's Future

From another perspective, knowing English will be a lifesaver for your child if they want to continue their academic success abroad as they grow up. This way, they will have backup plans while making future plans. Having alternative plans for their career will always ensure they remain confident. With this confidence, you will feel proud as they envision ambitious dreams for studying abroad. They will be grateful to you...

Because remember, starting to learn English at an early age is the greatest investment in your child's future. Choosing Flalingo guarantees that your child receives the best English education, guided by professionalEnglish teachers for kids, ensuring they have the skills needed for a successful future.

Let Your Children Learn and Have Fun with Flalingo Kids Teachers!

We have discussed what awaits both you and your children during their English learning journey with Flalingo Kids. At this point, if you want them to grow up as confident individuals among their peers, you are aware of how beneficial knowing English will be for their future plans.

Therefore, for you, the conscious parents, the Flalingo family and our dedicated English teachers are responsible for your children's safety, confidence in online lessons, and the follow-up of their homework. We are well aware of the responsibility we have taken on and work very diligently to fulfill it.

In this regard, do not compromise on quality for your child's future. Give your child the chance to learn English with Flalingo Kids, in the safe hands of professional teachers! By choosing Flalingo, you are ensuring that your child receives the best English education, guided by professional English teachers for kids, while having fun and staying safe.

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