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How to Find Your Personal Private English Tutor Online?

Flalingo 15.06.2024

Remember the teacher who guided you to success in your school life? Who comes to mind? What made this teacher special for you, and what were their methods? Did they recommend lots of repetition for success, or did they advise you to learn in class? With the answers to these questions, finding and choosing a good personal private tutor is in your hands with Flalingo. If you've come to this article looking for a personal private teacher to learn English, you're in the right place. Throughout this article, we'll discuss how to choose a teacher who will guide you in learning English. This way, without leaving anything to chance, you can select the personal private English tutor who will guide you in your language learning journey.

How to Choose the Right Personal Private English Tutor?

No matter what the subject or learning process is, the first step to a good education is choosing the right teacher. You will need teachers who are knowledgeable in their field and can convey this knowledge to you through effective communication. Therefore, when learning English, you should be aware of your criteria and start by selecting a personal private tutor that meets those criteria.As mentioned in the introduction, think about your school life. Who was the teacher that contributed the most to your education and made it easier for you? Did you benefit more from having fun lessons with them, or was it from doing the homework they assigned? Or did you feel you understood everything after a disciplined and controlled lesson? By answering these questions, you can discover the most beneficial method for you in your English learning journey.

The Difference of Personal Private English Tutors on Flalingo

At this point, what makes Flalingo special is that it simplifies the selection of a teacher based on your priorities. Since all of Flalingo's English tutors are professionals, they will understand what you need and provide you with lesson content accordingly. For example, if you learn more easily when you receive homework through the curriculum, you can have the opportunity to work with your English tutor in this way. Therefore, when you choose a personal private tutor, you can guide them on how to make the one-on-one lessons more productive for you.

The Right Method for Professional English Level

After deciding on the method that helps you learn more easily, the competency of the personal private tutor you choose is also very important. At this point, you might decide based on whether the tutor has a teaching certificate, a diploma, or any training in educational sciences. However, having a teaching certificate is not everything when choosing a tutor. Unfortunately, even an English teacher who graduated with very high grades may make you feel lacking if they cannot help you improve your speaking practice. Therefore, our advice is to also pay attention to how actively they use their language skills while reviewing their education background.

Personal Private English Tutor with Smart Matching Algorithm

Let us discuss the feature that will simplify your process of selecting a personal private tutor. Before commencing your English learning journey with Flalingo, we employ an algorithm to identify the tutor best suited to your needs. This ensures that you start your educational package with the tutors you prefer, eliminating any uncertainties.The Smart Matching Algorithm begins by understanding your requirements through a series of questions, such as:

  • Why do you wish to learn English?
  • How do you feel when speaking English?
  • What are your preferences regarding the native language/accent of your English tutor?
  • What do you want to focus on during one-on-one lessons?

Subsequently, the smart algorithm comprehends your objectives and analyzes your expectations. It then prepares a filtered inventory of 30 tutors, tailored to assist you. The rationale behind this is that Flalingo has thousands of tutors, making it nearly impossible for you to individually review and decide on each one. However, should you wish to view and choose from all available tutors, that option remains at your discretion. Our aim is to facilitate your decision-making process.

Personal Private English Tutors Matching Your Specific Criteria

Choosing a tutor based on your answers to these questions will save you time. For example, suppose you are planning an overseas trip soon and feel a mix of excitement and nervousness. In that case, you can focus your speaking practice with your tutor on dialogues such as asking for directions, what to do in emergencies, or meeting new people. Accordingly, you might choose tutors with different accents. Among the tutors listed by the smart algorithm, you can converse with a tutor who enjoys traveling and benefit from their experiences.On the other hand, your answer might be preparing for an exam. In this case, you can request continuous lessons with your personal private tutor. This way, you can follow a structured curriculum and request assignments from Oxford University Press books. Additionally, with Flalingo, you have the chance to take each lesson with the same tutor. Therefore, you can conduct your one-on-one lessons according to your personalized plans, boosting your confidence that you will reach your goal directly.

Find Your Personal Private English Tutor with Teacher Profiles

As the Flalingo team, it is our priority that all our tutors are professionals. Therefore, we place great importance on work ethics and are meticulous in selecting them to ensure efficiency in lessons. Our English tutors, who successfully pass through rigorous interviews, prepare their lesson content with the confidence of having proven themselves. Thanks to their education, they make an effort to use the most appropriate communication style with you as you learn English.

Additionally, to establish effective communication, they carefully prepare their profile pages where they introduce themselves. This allows you to thoroughly examine the profiles of the English tutors filtered for you by the smart algorithm. While reviewing the profiles, you will find various details such as the schools they graduated from and the countries they live in. You can even make a lesson reservation to ask them questions on topics of personal interest.

Watch Teacher Videos

The videos on teacher profiles provide you with the opportunity to choose according to the accent with which you wish to learn English. Additionally, selecting tutors with different accents for each lesson will help enhance your English speaking abilities. Besides the teacher videos, the statistical data and student reviews you will see on their profiles will assist you in making a decision. By reviewing these profiles, finding your personal private English tutor will become much easier.

Let My Personal Private English Tutor Come to Me

While researching online to find the right personal private tutor, you came across this article compiled by Flalingo. However, before clicking on this article, you might have thought that the only way to get private lessons was by choosing an English teacher from job ads. You didn't want to use your personal phone to contact them, and you're absolutely right in feeling that way. Because on online platforms, you probably didn't know that you could have private lessons continuously with the same English teacher. But, let us tell you; with Flalingo, you can take multiple private lessons with the same tutor, or you can customize your lessons with various tutors. The choice is entirely yours.

The best part is that, without getting lost in job ads, online lessons with the most suitable personal private tutor for you are just a click away. This way, you don't waste time on ads where you're unsure of who is providing the lessons. You also don't have to feel obligated to share your personal number with anyone from those ads. Simply log into Flalingo, take your test, and start browsing the profiles of tutors filtered for you. As you browse, the reviews from students like you will serve as references, making your decision easier.

Moreover, you will have endless options to continue lessons with a tutor who is prepared for your different needs at any time. For instance, you can say, "I just returned from a trip, and now I want to continue with a tutor who is familiar with the terminology of my field of study." At this point, all you need to do is book a tutor with the desired profile and be in front of your screen at the lesson time. You can do this without the stress of "Should I clean my room if I'm taking the lesson at home?" This way, you can learn English by speaking with your personal private tutor anytime, anywhere you want.

Professional English Teachers for Private Lessons on Flalingo

Teachers play the most crucial role in the learning process. Ultimately, you learn what the teacher knows and explore English under their guidance. Therefore, choosing the right tutor is extremely important when learning English. Unfortunately, you often realize which tutor is most effective for you only after the lessons are over. To prevent this misstep, we have developed a smart matching algorithm. This way, you can easily reach the most suitable tutor for you, saving time and avoiding the worry of regret.

We believe that the right guide while learning English is the right teacher, at Flalingo. Once you choose this teacher, you can continually take lessons with them. Alternatively, if your needs change over time, you still have the right to take lessons with any tutor you prefer at any time. What’s important here is knowing your priorities and selecting the right tutor accordingly. If you have considered the questions we mentioned above, you are ready to find your personal private English teacher with Flalingo. We look forward to welcoming you to our family.

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