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Artificial Intelligence Technology Meets Flalingo: FLAI

Flalingo 13.11.2023

Table of Contents:

  • How Does Artificial Intelligence Contribute to Language Learning?
  • Advantages of Learning English with Artificial Intelligence
  • Flalingo and Artificial Intelligence Collaboration for Learning English: FLAI
  • What Does Learning English With FLAI Provide?
  • Conclusion: Get Ready To Learn English with FLAI!

1. How Does Artificial Intelligence Contribute to Learning English?

Artificial intelligence is essentially a computer language. Just as humans communicate with each other through spoken language, artificial intelligence also participates in these processes. We all know that logic and mathematics are also a kind of language. However, artificial intelligence is designed to communicate with humans. In this way, it can understand what we are saying and what we want from him.

We are at your service to provide accurate guidance with much faster analysis with FLAI, which is a combination of artificial intelligence and Flalingo. If you would like to join the Flalingo family and meet our new member FLAI, just click. We do not compromise on the obstacles to learning English and always aim for the best.

First of all, we can think of artificial intelligence as a teacher. As long as we talk, he can communicate with us directly while doing a comprehensive analysis. While continuing these dialogue processes, there is a teacher who is fast and consistent in communicating, which is the cornerstone of language learning, examining the presented content according to the language rules and giving feedback. It is also possible to focus on various topics with different techniques with artificial intelligence robots customized for language learning. It is possible to find content designed entirely for language learning, especially in terms of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

2. Advantages of Learning English with Artificial Intelligence

Yes, it is now possible to learn English with artificial intelligence! And more manageable than ever!

Learning English with artificial intelligence becomes less complicated for you, and you can progress faster. Artificial intelligence English learning platforms will also help you in this regard. Now is the time to leave behind classical language learning methods and embrace technology. While learning English has become more important today, we have good news for you: FLAI. You will be able to learn English with this system created with artificial intelligence, which is a convenience provided to you by Flalingo. Let's see together what FLAI is and what its benefits are!

3. Flalingo and Artificial Intelligence Collaboration for Learning English: FLAI

We have often mentioned the Flalingo online English platform in our blog content. Students love Flalingo for its course materials, customer service, and smart tutoring algorithm. However, there is something we need to talk about in more detail; that is "FLAI". So, what is FLAI?

In short, it is a feedback robot and a new-generation English teacher that increases efficiency in language learning. So, what can the FLAI English artificial intelligence application provide us?

General Feedback

In this section, FLAI provides you with the course summary and gives notes to the student who needs an overview. Also, it provides tutors with the necessary information about the students. These notes generally work with a feedback system: you will encounter statistics such as points that the student should pay attention to, steps successfully completed, and progress made. At the same time, your current level is measured and recorded. In short, the necessary summary information can be displayed in the general feedback panel that keeps the pulse of your English education.


FLAI has a special panel on improving your English language skills for each section. Since learning grammar is an essential part of English education, it is recorded with FLAI. This system shows the grammatical errors and the topics that cause these errors. For example, it can indicate if you have a mistake in the "simple past tense" in English or warn you if there is a mistake in sentence structure. In this respect, it helps you learn from your mistakes and improve your English by staying in communication, just like a teacher.


In the pronunciation section, FLAI provides convenience and good guidance. You have the chance to talk to this artificial intelligence that detects your voice. Only teachers could help with pronunciation, which improved with practice. But by talking to FLAI, you gain independence from place, time, and people. FLAI determines your level from the first conversation. It records the number of words you speak, their frequency, and the topics they are about. By deciphering your speaking style, FLAI provides you with unique training by providing you with customized feedback. It aims to help you find solutions quickly by directly giving pronunciation errors or suggestions to your speech.


Vocabulary is also a vast field in English. Simply put, sentences and language consist of these words. Huge dictionaries contain tens of thousands of words. Or, instead of one word in Turkish, there can be five different words in English. On this critical issue, FLAI conducts a very meticulous analysis. It measures your speed as well as the number of words you use. It even reveals your progress in English by measuring the level of the words you use. This type of analysis can be considered revolutionary, especially in writing, that is, in vocabulary knowledge, where you can see a direct impact on your writing skills.


After your class period, FLAI gives you homework based on the issues that are missing or need to be improved. For example, if you lack grammar, it tells you to use your time wisely and focus on this subject, providing content compatible with this. In this way, you will increase your speed of learning English by repeating or practicing outside of class most efficiently.

4. What Does Learning English With FLAI Provide?

Productivity in a Short Time

You can learn English in a shorter time with the FLAI English learning artificial intelligence application offered by Flalingo. While you do not waste time focusing on suitable topics, you redefine the definition of an efficient lesson with FLAI.

Progress with Smart Notes

FLAI, which can detect the student's English level, prepares special notes for each student according to a unique study program. Thus, with this artificial intelligence support, students save time moving to more advanced levels.

Speaking Feature with Artificial Intelligence

With FLAI, which is based on Flalingo, you will be able to improve your English speaking skills without needing anyone. Thanks to its comprehensive content and analysis, FLAI guides you to improve your English speaking skills. In this way, you will both get feedback on pronunciation and perpetuate the necessary set of words and rules by speaking. You can always have speaking practice with you, which is the cornerstone of learning English.

Personalized Course Delivery

FLAI expects you to determine the level of each student and do exercises and assignments accordingly. It offers examples and lesson processes that are more innovative and technology-friendly compared to classical teacher exercises. So, instead of spending hours on the subject you are better at, you can find special notes and assignments to help you focus on the part you are struggling with.

5. Conclusion: Get Ready To Learn English with FLAI!

You, too, deserve this unique experience where Flalingo's skills and care are strengthened by artificial intelligence! You are closer than ever to speaking English with FLAI, which can be considered a revolution in learning English. Considering the abovementioned features, you should learn English faster, more practically, and with innovative methods. If you want to start learning English thanks to FLAI artificial intelligence, remember to check out the Flalingo website! Learning English with FLAI will be faster, more efficient, and more fun than ever before.

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