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Flalingo 04.11.2023

Learning English at home may not initially appear very productive, but it can actually be much more efficient and comfortable than taking classes in a crowded classroom. The reason for this is that you can continue learning English in the comfort of your own home or from wherever you want, whenever you want, and have one-on-one lessons.

1. The Advantages of Learning English Online

  • Flexibility: When learning English online, you can enjoy the freedom to enhance your English skills from anywhere at any time since you're not bound to a specific location.
  • Cost-Effective: With online English courses, you save on travel expenses since you don't have to go anywhere. Plus, you can make your own coffee at home without spending extra money on it.
  • Tracking Your Progress and Reviewing: With Flalingo, your lessons are recorded, and you can access them at any time for review. This way, you can not only monitor your progress but also ensure that the information you've learned is better retained by easily reviewing it.

2. Why Should You Improve Your English?

So why should you improve your English? Why does knowing English set you one step ahead in today's world?

  • To Advance Your Career Easier: Nowadays, many corporate companies prefer to work with individuals who are proficient in English. Therefore, knowing English will assist you in both finding a job and receiving promotions. By taking Business English lessons with Flalingo, you can learn new information about the business world, even if your English level is already good. You can even ask your colleagues at work to learn English together. Click here for more information. 
  • To Get to Know Different Cultures: When learning English, you not only learn the language but also the cultures of English-speaking countries, which can broaden your horizons by understanding their thought processes.
  • To Reach More Sources of Entertainment: Thanks to English, you can double the content you consume. With the significant role that social media has in our lives, we have started consuming hundreds or even thousands of content pieces daily. By improving your English, you can access more content that suits your interests.
  • To Not Need an Intermediary: After improving your English, you won't need to consume translated content, and you can read books in their original language. This way, you won't fall victim to translation errors, and when you encounter such errors, you'll feel good because you know the correct version.
  • To Travel Abroad: Thanks to English, you can confidently communicate when traveling abroad. Let's say you want to travel abroad, but your knowledge of English is close to zero. In this case, high self-confidence cannot be expected, and this lack of confidence can lead to anxiety. Therefore, you should find the most suitable program for you as soon as possible and start your lessons.

3. Flalingo

Flalingo is an innovative platform that offers one-on-one online English lessons to its students. Additionally, it demonstrates how much it cares about its users by providing a lesson tracking system, 24/7 live support, 24/7 live lessons, and a certificate at the end of 30 hours of lessons. However, what Flalingo does for its users is not limited to these. Unlike its competitors, Flalingo helps you choose the most suitable teacher for yourself without difficulty, thanks to its smart teacher algorithm. It also offers the option to continue with your chosen teacher or change your teacher at any time, showing that it values your education. Furthermore, Flalingo uses publications from Oxford University, one of the most important universities in the UK, and provides its users with unlimited access to these resources.

Furthermore, you can easily navigate the site without getting lost thanks to Flalingo's user-friendly interface. Registering for Flalingo and starting your lessons is very easy! All you need to do is sign up, purchase a package, schedule an appointment with the teacher you prefer, and attend the lessons. Click here to understand how Flalingo works. 

3.1. Flalingo Trial Lesson

Flalingo doesn't force its students to use the platform directly and enter long-term agreements. In these 25-minute trial lessons, you can get to know both the teachers and the platform better. Flalingo offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to its students. This means that if you are not satisfied with the trial lesson, you can receive a refund or choose another teacher to continue your lessons.

3.2. Flalingo Smart Teacher Selection Algorithm

Flalingo's most distinctive feature that sets it apart from its competitors is undoubtedly the smart teacher selection algorithm. Thanks to this feature, you can easily find the most suitable teacher for yourself without getting lost among hundreds of teachers. With the smart teacher selection algorithm, Flalingo presents 24-30 teachers based on your criteria, allowing you to review selected teachers for you rather than examining hundreds of teachers. Moreover, with Flalingo, you can change a teacher who is not suitable for you or continue taking lessons continuously from a teacher with whom you have an efficient learning process.

3.3. Flalingo Cares About Its Students

Flalingo avoids disadvantaging its students because it cares about them and their education. Therefore, if a teacher doesn't attend the lesson, you can raise an objection during the lesson and have the responsible parties contact the teacher. If you cannot attend the lesson, your lesson credit remains intact, and Flalingo provides you with a new lesson credit. Furthermore, if your teacher ends the lesson early, you can also object in the same way and receive an additional lesson credit in the event you cannot continue with the lesson.

3.4. One-on-One Lessons with Flalingo

Flalingo only offers one-on-one online English lessons to its students. The reason for this is their belief that one-on-one lessons are healthier than group lessons. In one-on-one lessons, students can be more relaxed and confident because they are only speaking with the teacher. Additionally, the teacher's focus is solely on the student, and they don't have to attend to other students, making it easier to correct the student's mistakes.

3.5. Flexible Subscription Options with Flalingo

Flalingo places great emphasis on the efficiency and comfort of its students. Therefore, you can choose from 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscription packages. These packages vary based on how many days a week you want to take lessons. Your options here are 1, 2, 3, and 5 days. Additionally, you can choose your lesson duration with Flalingo! You can start your English education right away by selecting either 25-minute or 50-minute lessons in your preferred package! To review the packages, click here.

Offering real teachers for live lessons, continuous communication, personalized instruction, and affordable pricing, this platform can be the most exciting way to rapidly improve your English skills and communicate with confidence. By joining Flalingo, you can take big steps on your journey to learn English! If you're looking to start learning English or enhance your English skills with Flalingo, take advantage of the current 60% discount and sign up now!

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