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How to Learn English If You Want to Go Abroad

Flalingo 18.01.2024

Greetings, are you one of those thinking about going abroad but struggling to learn English? If you want to speak English comfortably with foreign people and explore new cultures abroad, then you are in the right place!

Advantages of Going Abroad

We know that the most suitable place to use your English is undoubtedly in foreign countries and cities. Learning the language, people, and cultures of the country you want to visit not only enhances your vision but also contributes to your language and cultural understanding when communicating with the locals. Different cultures also mean different lives and different mindsets. Observing perspectives different from your own will undoubtedly broaden your horizons. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, I strongly recommend going abroad.

So, What If Your English Isn't Sufficient for Going Abroad?

In such a situation, my suggestion is, of course, to practice a lot before going abroad. Especially, learning daily phrases, grammar rules, and commonly used words can be beneficial. However, practicing speaking while learning these aspects ensures that you are well-prepared. If you ask, "How can I learn both daily phrases and practice speaking?" the answer to your question is clear: with Flalingo. Before providing detailed information about Flalingo, let's talk about common ways of learning English.

How to Learn English

Reading in EnglishIf you want to master the English language, expanding your vocabulary is, of course, important. To achieve this, reading books and texts suitable for your level is essential. Reading not only enhances your vocabulary but also makes the words you encounter in stories and texts more memorable.
Watching TV Series and Movies in EnglishIt is one of the practical and enjoyable ways to improve your foreign language skills. As a starting point, you can watch series or movies with subtitles in your native language. Over time, as your English improves, you can switch the subtitles to English. This way, both your ears and eyes will get used to English.
Using a mobile English appOnline English learning platforms are like a combination of the first three methods mentioned above. In recent times, online English learning platforms, which many people use, are highly in demand. I would like to talk about a mobile English learning application that I am satisfied with and personally recommend to acquaintances.
Practising a lotIt is one of the most important methods. You can improve your English by attending English courses or by speaking English with any of your friends.

Flalingo: Online English Learning Platform

With the Flalingo online English learning application, now you can take the first steps to learn English more easily and quickly! You learn English by speaking with native English teachers, preparing you for going abroad. In this case, what advantages can Flalingo offer you?

  • Learn English Comfortably: With Flalingo, you can learn commonly used phrases and words in English from anywhere online. Additionally, by not having to spend time commuting to a physical class, you save valuable time.
  • 2. Fun Learning Experience: Through the smart teacher algorithm, you have the opportunity to have lessons with the teacher of your choice. Furthermore, the enjoyable teaching style of the teachers ensures that you have fun while learning, making the information more memorable.
  • 3. Student Satisfaction Focus: The Flalingo English learning application prioritizes student satisfaction. You can easily reach customer representatives and tailor your lessons with your teacher in the most suitable way for you.
  • 4. Quality Lesson Materials with Oxford University Press: Flalingo provides quality content to students during English education, featuring materials from Oxford University Press. While learning English online, you can continue your journey with resources that will also equip you.

Flalingo English Lesson Material: Oxford Press Resources

English lesson materials are undoubtedly invaluable on the path to learning English. Therefore, choosing the most suitable and high-quality English lesson material for yourself is crucial. As mentioned above, the Flalingo online English platform offers students Oxford University's resources for online English lessons. In addition to comprehensive exercises for students (reading, writing, and listening), there are also enjoyable topics related to daily life. The reason for this is to entertain the student while learning. Along with the material, there are many topics to discuss and talk about with your teacher: food, travel, fashion, world-related topics, etc. Discussing these topics helps students feel more comfortable speaking English and easily observe their own progress as they speak. In conclusion, the Flalingo English lesson material, which consists of Oxford Press resources, increases interest in the lesson and makes the information more permanent. Therefore, by joining the Flalingo online English application, you can have lessons with native English teachers. Moreover, you can further develop yourself in learning English with the high-quality and comprehensive Flalingo lesson material using Oxford Press resources.

Take Your Step Abroad with Flalingo!

Due to the frequent use of online English platforms, learning and speaking English has become easier. If you quickly and easily have lessons with Flalingo teachers before going abroad, you can benefit greatly. With Flalingo, you can speak English more comfortably and confidently while also gaining knowledge about different cultures. If you are waiting to learn English to go abroad, you can access detailed information here and register for Flalingo."

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