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What Was My Experience with a Flalingo Group Lesson?

Flalingo 15.06.2024

Learning English grammar rules alone is unfortunately not enough to develop English speaking skills. Those aware of this difference have started to search for new methods to improve their English speaking abilities. Students who succumb to nervousness when speaking English in front of a crowd are also in search of new ways. At this point, we offer our students group lessons as a gift in addition to one-on-one lessons. This feature aims to support your English with real-life scenarios. If you have any questions about Flalingo group lessons or other topics, fill out the form on our website. This way, our education consultants can reach you.

As the Flalingo family, we have also provided group lessons as a complimentary addition to your package. After these trainings, we received positive feedback from our students who benefited from Flalingo group lessons. At this point, one of our students wanted to share the contribution of group lessons in their own story to provide some insight. Additionally, you can get detailed information from our article about group lessons on our website. Meanwhile, in this content, we have conveyed a student's Flalingo group lesson experience in their own words.

Learning English Grammar Is Not Enough to Speak Fluently

Actually, I started my university life as a confident person. I already saw myself as a disciplined and dedicated student. I believed that using my time efficiently made me a good student. However, it would be a lie to say that I was a successful student during the university preparation period. Unfortunately, it is not possible to learn English adequately at school. I barely passed the exams because I could not benefit from the preparatory year classes. Although I did not learn English at a good level, I surprisingly managed to start my department.

I finally started my Engineering faculty department, which is 30% English. However, I was having a hard time getting passing grades from the courses in my department that required English presentations. Even though my dreams were to crown my education by doing a master's degree abroad, I was failing almost all of the courses taught in English. Therefore, my concerns about my future increased. I knew that with this level of English, my desires were very far from me. What I needed to do was improve my English and be able to use it effectively. I knew that the way to do this was to reinforce my English by speaking it. However, I was afraid to try because I had confidence issues. So, the problems were growing day by day in my case.

My Journey to Improve My English Proficiency

I was researching online about incorporating English speaking practice into my life. I encountered advertisements for many different applications. Thanks to the content I accessed from social media platforms like YouTube, I had the opportunity to listen to many experiences. From time to time, I visited websites to see which plan might be suitable for me. However, I was not sure which one would meet my needs. All these different offers, applications, systems, and reviews were very confusing to me. One day, while doing my own research on the internet for the right platform, I came across flalingo.com.

What Should I Do to Improve My English?

I searched for Flalingo on various review sites like Trustpilot. I noticed it was quite popular. It stood out significantly compared to the user experiences reflected by other platforms. I needed to set aside the confusion caused by the online English applications I had encountered, think calmly, and make a decision. With these thoughts in mind, I decided to engage with the live support on the site. I had many questions, so I asked them one after another. However, I received satisfactory answers to each of my questions. Thus, I overcame my confusion. In light of the answers I received, I decided that I did not want to delay my English education any longer. This was going to happen!

Why Did I Choose Flalingo?

I became intrigued when I heard they worked with personalized programs and asked, "How?" They have a system called the intelligent teacher algorithm. Flalingo operates on the principle of "learn English with the most suitable teacher for you" instead of a "choose, like, buy" tactic. Thus, I began to think that advancing my English learning process systematically could be what I needed.

While examining the available packages, I saw that they offered group lessons as a gift. I learned that the group lessons were given twice a week, in addition to the five days of one-on-one lessons I received. This meant I had the opportunity to speak English every day. The teachers are not only professional but also have received additional training for group lessons. According to them, managing a group lesson requires slightly different skills than teaching English. After reviewing all the opportunities, I decided that this would be the most beneficial program for me. Ultimately, I would be working with professional instructors and additionally participating in group lessons. So, how did these group lessons go; what was different about them? I am sure you are curious about the answers to these questions as well. Let me tell you!

My Flalingo Group Lesson Begins

After the first week of one-on-one lessons, I was going to join the group lesson. Naturally, I had concerns about what kind of experience I would have. During the first stage, which was selecting a topic for the group lesson, I saw that there were various topics available. I chose the one that caught my attention the most.

I remember being on the verge of backing out just seconds before the group lesson I was eagerly anticipating. I was afraid of experiencing the same lack of confidence in group lessons that I had in university. However, my first group lesson went smoothly, contrary to my expectations. Here’s what happened in that lesson;

English Speaking Experience with Group Lessons

"There were two other people besides my English teacher and me. The group was not too crowded, which made me think we could use our time more efficiently. During the lesson, the teacher asked us questions and helped us overcome our nervousness. Then, he gave us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. In the first few minutes, I noticed that no one was speaking perfectly. Seeing others make mistakes while speaking English, just like me, boosted my confidence. I remember blushing a bit while introducing myself, but our teacher softened the moment with his jokes.

It was time to focus on the topic I had chosen for the lesson. I had already gained some preliminary knowledge by reading the Oxford book provided by Flalingo. This allowed me to set aside my panic and focus on what I was going to say. Our teacher had also prepared the questions in advance. We engaged in a discussion based on these questions. The teacher asked everyone questions to answer and gave us equal time. There was no need to rush to speak. We didn't just answer questions; we sometimes defended opposing views against each other.

Initially, while waiting for my turn to speak on the topic, I was preparing sentences in my head. This caused me to speak in fragmented sentences rather than fluently. However, I discovered that it was easier for me to respond after listening to the person speaking. This allowed my mind to speak English on its own. While speaking, I sometimes used the wrong tense. Just as my teacher corrected my pronunciation mistakes, I had the opportunity to correct my errors in this situation as well. I realized the importance of having a professional with us in group lessons. Recognizing and correcting my mistakes was gratifying. When I noticed that I was using the correct expressions while presenting arguments, I felt I was expressing myself more professionally.

Since my group mates were at a similar level to me, I was not afraid of being judged. As the minutes passed, my confidence in my voice increased and it was reflected in my speech. Instead of being shy, speaking became more encouraging for me. I now had the chance to practice English without fear of making mistakes. This made me believe that I could regain my confidence.

During the lesson, I also learned and practiced phrases like 'sorry to interrupt, let me finish.' We kind of reviewed vocabulary and grammar rules as well. Moreover, instead of the monotony of speaking with a teacher, I experienced the conversation and discussion environment I encountered in real life.

I did not realize how the 25 minutes passed. It was a lesson where everyone had equal time to speak without deviating from the topic. I made many mistakes, learned a lot. I talked a lot, debated a lot. But I enjoyed every moment and started looking forward to the next lesson. I was very pleased with the teacher's management of the lesson and we had the opportunity to get to know each other a bit. I was delighted when he said I could reserve a group lesson with him for the next session.

Ultimately, I was quite satisfied when the group lesson ended. I believe the other students in the group felt the same way. Because when we ended the session, everyone was smiling."

Regain Your Confidence with Flalingo Group Lessons

Based on my experience, I can confidently say, "Learning a language is not limited to writing and reading." Thanks to the opportunities provided by Flalingo, I have overcome my fear of never being able to speak English. I am happy to have started improving my English speaking skills with Flalingo. My confidence in speaking English in front of a group is now quite high, thanks to the group lessons.

Flalingo's group lesson, in addition to the one-on-one lessons I received, have helped me realize that my ability to speak English is improving. If I had given up at the beginning of this learning journey, I wouldn't have been able to move forward. I would have had to say goodbye to my dreams about myself. Now, I feel that I have regained my motivation. I am thankful to the Flalingo team for helping me practice speaking English. I hope that I have been able to help anyone interested in taking Flalingo group lessons.

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