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Why is Flalingo Customer Service So Popular?

Flalingo 16.05.2024

In this article, we will explore why Flalingo customer service is so well-loved and share our findings with you. Customer service is just as important as the online English education itself. The customer service team, which you interact with for any questions, receives positive feedback from users due to their quick responses and solution-oriented approach. Flalingo customer service is also highly appreciated by its users. So, what is the reason for this? Let's examine it together.


1. The Importance of Customer Service When Receiving English Education

2. Flalingo Customer Service

3. What Flalingo Customer Service Offers to Its Students

4. How Are Problems Solved at Flalingo?

5. Flalingo Providing Students with the Customer Service They Deserve

The Importance of Customer Service When Receiving English Education

Customer service is as important as the education itself for experiencing a successful English learning journey. A quality support unit, evaluated based on factors such as accessibility and solution-oriented approach, strengthens users' commitment to the application. An effective customer support team also plays a critical role in attracting new customers. Satisfied users share their positive experiences, helping the application stand out among competitors.

Flalingo Customer Service

Flalingo customer service interacts with users through various channels such as voice calls, WhatsApp chat, and email. These multiple channels increase the users' ability to communicate with the support unit. Most importantly, we provide Turkish language support to our students. We do not expect you to speak or write in English in our application, which you use to learn English. We believe that if you already had such skills, you wouldn't need an online English application. This way, Flalingo customer service aims to respond to students' questions more quickly. Its solution-oriented policy helps students with technical issues, problems with instructors, or any other concerns they might have, ensuring the best possible service.

What Flalingo Customer Service Offers to Its Students

Flalingo customer service, which provides online English education, is loved and appreciated by students. But why? Here are the reasons.


Flalingo users can report their issues to customer service through various communication channels. This allows them to receive quick and solution-oriented responses.

Different Communication Channels

Having different communication channels allows Flalingo Customer Service to offer alternatives to its users. Options such as voice calls, WhatsApp, and email increase visibility and provide students with the opportunity to receive quick responses.

Solution-Oriented Approach

The Flalingo support team approaches users' issues with a solution-oriented mindset. For instance, in the case of technical or instructor-related problems, they provide additional lesson opportunities to ensure no lessons are missed.

Quick Response

Flalingo customer service helps users by providing quick responses. Even if we cannot respond immediately, we ensure users are informed about the approximate time they can expect a reply.

Interest throughout English education

Flalingo customer service takes care of you throughout your subscription. This attention and care are not just for show but continue throughout your learning process.

Reasons Why Flalingo Customer Service Receives Full Marks

Let's answer the question of why Flalingo customer service is loved by its users based on student feedback.

Flalingo customer service aims to quickly resolve technical issues or problems related to instructors that students encounter. If there is a system-related issue, they provide additional lessons to ensure the student does not miss out. This approach prevents student dissatisfaction and aims to provide excellent service.

Even for issues not caused by the Flalingo system, customer service helps the student. They do not leave the student alone by saying "This is not a system issue" but instead guide them on what steps to take.

Flalingo customer service makes students feel valued by being accessible, easy to communicate with, solution-oriented, and providing quick responses.

How Are Problems Solved at Flalingo?

We would like to share a comment from one of our users regarding Flalingo customer service.

"When I subscribed to Flalingo, I wanted to make installment payments. Based on the package I chose, customer service told me they could split the payment into 6 installments. Later, I saw on my credit card statement that it was divided into 4 installments. I thought there was a mistake and checked again, but it was still the same. I immediately contacted customer service, thinking it was their fault. However, when I learned the truth, I felt bad because it turned out the issue was with my bank, not them. After a certain period, the number of installments increased to 6, and I felt relieved. So, even though it wasn’t their fault, and I was blaming them, customer service did their best to help me. I thank them again." -Secil AKYUZ, Flalingo Student

Flalingo Providing Students with the Customer Service They Deserve

In this article, we explored why the online English learning application Flalingo's customer service is so well-loved. This allowed us to take a look at what the Flalingo support unit offers to its students. We highlighted the quality of customer service, which is as important as the English education provided.

The reasons for Flalingo customer service being so beloved include their solution-oriented approach, accessibility, and informing students when they can expect a response, even if it’s not immediate. Students feel valued and taken seriously. As a result, Flalingo customer service has nearly perfect satisfaction scores.

You are all valuable and special to us. With Flalingo, you will achieve the English level you desire through online English education where you feel valued. If you haven't met Flalingo yet, you can reach us with just one click.

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