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Breaking News: Flalingo Wins Breakthrough Edtech Award in 2024

Flalingo 07.06.2024

Online English education is becoming the norm in language learning. As students increasingly expect swift changes and innovations from online platforms, Flalingo is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of learning English through technological adaptation. Today, we are proud to announce that our efforts to integrate our teaching methods with technology have been recognized.

Flalingo Wins Breakthrough Edtech Award

Flalingo has won the Breakthrough Award in the field of Education Technologies. We congratulate all other winners and competitors for their contributions to making education more accessible and improved.

Flalingo has received the "Best Language Learning Innovation of the Year" award. While we have always been proud and confident in our achievements, this award further inspires and motivates us. We are grateful to the Breakthrough Awards and the jury for their recognition.

What are the Breakthrough Edtech Awards?

The Breakthrough Awards recognize companies that have made significant advances in their industries. These awards also highlight leaders in other sectors such as AI, Fintech, and Cybersecurity. Within the burgeoning Education Technologies industry, Flalingo stood out among 2500 competing brands.

The Language Learning Innovation of the Year

The Breakthrough Edtech awards celebrate various achievements each year. Flalingo’s pioneering success has been underscored with this award. Committed to being adaptive, innovative, and accessible, we are confident that we are on the right path. Our mission is constant evolution and innovation, but one feature stands out from the rest. Let's discuss the innovation that sets Flalingo apart.

Learn English with AI on Flalingo: FLAI

As AI technologies continue to evolve, all educational technologies must keep pace. At Flalingo, we have embraced this challenge, not just to stay current but to enhance the effectiveness of language learning.

FLAI is an AI tool developed by Flalingo, integrated directly into the learning process.

How Does This Innovation of the Year Work?

Our main goal at Flalingo is to provide personalized one-on-one online English lessons with professional tutors who help students enhance their language skills. Because the English language is dynamic, it thrives on active speaking and practice. At Flalingo, we encourage students to take an active role in their learning, and our technology supports this approach.

The FLAI tool monitors lessons closely and provides feedback to students, which includes:

  • Percentage of time spoken by the student,
  • Distribution of vocabulary levels,
  • Level assessment results,
  • Highlighted and corrected mistakes,
  • Suggestions for upper-level synonyms,
  • Notes on reading, listening, and writing skills, and more.

This ensures that human interaction is complemented by comprehensive AI analysis, allowing for instant feedback that is both accurate and helpful. This synergy enhances the productivity and effectiveness of our English classes.

What’s More from Flalingo's Achievements?

At Flalingo, we never stop innovating. We continue to adapt to the latest changes and improve our methods and technologies. Stay tuned for more cutting-edge innovations in accessible and adaptive language learning.

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