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Flalingo Student Discount: Full Support for Education from Flalingo

Flalingo 16.04.2024

Full support for your education comes with the Flalingo student discount. Although everyone who wants to learn English is a student, this discount is specifically for those with an active formal education. Flalingo makes it more budget-friendly for you students by saying that fluent English is everyone's right. In this article, we will look at the features of the Flalingo student discount and go over the benefits it will provide for you.

Table of Contents:

1. Flalingo Student Discount

2. What Kind of English Education will You Receive with the Flalingo Student Discount?

2.1. The Most Suitable, Most Expert Instructors from Flalingo

2.2. The Highest Quality Online English Resources from Flalingo: Oxford University Press

2.3. AI-Supported End-of-Lesson Report from Flalingo

2.4. The Most Special Educational Support from Flalingo

3. More with Flalingo Student Discount

Flalingo Student Discount

Flalingo occasionally makes online English solutions appealing to your budget with various discounts and campaigns. However, by offering a Flalingo student discount regardless of the season, it also makes educational goals, one of the biggest motivations to learn English, accessible. Those who want to learn English with Flalingo may have different motivations. But we know that there are many students who want to excel in English for academic goals. Whether it's for undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral studies, English is essential both domestically and internationally. For this reason, Flalingo offers you a significant discount.

With the STUDENT code, you can purchase extensive Flalingo packages and develop your English by speaking with expert instructors. Full support for education with course content aimed at academia, textbooks, and exam preparation!

What Kind of English Education Will You Receive with the Flalingo Student Discount?

Discounts, promotions... Of course, they sound appealing. However, we are aware of the students' doubts about what the online English course will provide in return. The intellectuals of the future, who do not compromise on education, of course are very meticulous. It's natural to have doubts and curiosities about Flalingo's student discount. In this section, we will analyze how Flalingo teaches English. Thus, you can get a closer look at Flalingo's educational principles, mission, and vision. However, we are confident that Flalingo will earn your appreciation and approval.

The Most Suitable, Most Expert Instructors from Flalingo

Flalingo is an application trying to fill the gap left by an educational system that fails to make the right moves in teaching English through conversation. As everyone knows, without speaking, language learning is incomplete. With this principle, Flalingo offers you the most expert tutors who will teach you English through conversation. In the Flalingo app, lessons are processed on a one-on-one basis, giving the student plenty of space and time to practice speaking English. At the same time, knowledgeable Flalingo tutors provide you with necessary feedback, allowing you to learn from your mistakes.

Most importantly, there is Flalingo’s smart instructor matching algorithm. For example, if your goal is to achieve a good score on the IELTS exam, the algorithm will match you with an instructor who can guide you most effectively towards this goal. Thus, you start learning English in the most focused way without wasting time. Choose your package with the STUDENT code, and start learning English now with the right Flalingo tutor!

The Highest Quality Online English Resources from Flalingo: Oxford University Press

There’s no need to discuss the importance of textbooks in education. But why does no one emphasize this in online English learning? You might be asking this question too. However, our answer is this: At Flalingo, we are aware of the importance of textbooks in learning English. That's why Oxford University Press, trusted by everyone for its quality, is provided to you free of charge. With different books for each level, you can take confident steps towards your English goals. These resources, which can be used both in and out of class, allow you to learn topics in the correct order. This way, you follow the most effective path to fluent English.

AI-Supported After Lesson Report from Flalingo

If there's anything better than the Flalingo student discount, it's Flalingo's end-of-lesson report. This report is generated by artificial intelligence following your private English lesson with an instructor. As usual, you enter a lesson to learn English through conversation. FLAI, the AI English coach, keeps track of the lesson's progress. Meanwhile, all your words and sentences are analyzed… At the end of the lesson, you can directly generate and review this analysis report. In this report, your true level is revealed, and you can review your mistakes. Thus, the topics will be reinforced further. If you want to learn more about English with FLAI and artificial intelligence, you can visit here.

The Most Special Educational Support from Flalingo

The benefits of the Flalingo student discount don't end here. Most importantly, you will learn English through a training program specially tailored for you. Your personal desires, needs, and goals are valuable to us. We want to understand you and provide you with the most special experience because we know that this is the most effective way to teach English. With the right approach, you too can learn and speak English most effectively.

In this pursuit, Flalingo assigns a personal education consultant to every student. We are here for you if you encounter a problem in the app, have a question, or have a request from us. Our education consultants work tirelessly with a solution-focused approach to offer you the most special experience. Join Flalingo with the STUDENT code and have this experience!

More with Flalingo Student Discount

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the Flalingo student discount! Because this discount benefits not only your budget. It's exactly the right time to start the English education you've been postponing with the Flalingo student discount. This is an opportunity... But isn't it more important than just an economic opportunity, to end the excuses and start the essential English learning you've been putting off? The English we have postponed learning for years will actually open many doors of opportunity for you. The key to these doors is learning English with Flalingo. With STUDENT, just one click is enough to unlock all the barriers between you and your bright future.

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