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Flalingo Reviews and Facts: My Own Experiences with Flalingo

Flalingo 06.05.2024

As you know, the first address for those who want to learn English is online English courses nowadays. That's why I wanted to give these courses a chance to improve my English. Choosing among many applications can be challenging, and while trying to make this choice, I came across Flalingo. After reading the positive comments on Trustpilot, I wanted to give Flalingo a chance. In this article, I will discuss my experience with Flalingo over the last two months and compare it with user reviews. Now, let’s check out Flalingo reviews and my experiences:

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Table of Contents:

  1. Why Do I Need an Online English Learning Application?
  2. How Did We Meet Flalingo?
  3. Flalingo Review
  4. My Own Experiences: What Are My Experiences with Flalingo?
  5. Flalingo Facts vs. Comments
  6. Conclusion: My Own Experiences Are Very Positive

Why Do I Need an Online English Learning Application?

Before moving on to my experiences, I want to tell you a little about myself. Before I get into my experiences, let me tell you a little bit about me. I took English courses throughout my college studies, so I did not suddenly start learning English. Although my reading, comprehension, and writing skills were adequate, I realized that my speaking practice was lacking. Unfortunately, the lessons offered in large classes did not significantly improve my speaking skills. In addition, due to the importance of my written tests and projects, I never prioritized my speaking skills. This changed when I started working and pursuing positions in foreign companies. I had to speak English in all of my job interviews, and I struggled. Therefore, to overcome this problem, I started researching online English learning courses and reading their user reviews. These platforms were my first choice because they offer online English lessons whenever you want.

How Did We Meet Flalingo?

When I started researching online English apps, I realized that I had many options. That's why user reviews, especially Flalingo reviews, were very useful in guiding me. I came across many positive comments about Flalingo on Trustpilot and wanted to try it out. While trying to set off my adventure of finding the right online English application, I took trial lessons from some platforms. However, out of all, Flalingo managed to impress me with their features the most.

Flalingo Reviews

In some of the Flalingo reviews I read, the features offered only by Flalingo caught my attention. In particular, the smart teacher selection algorithm offered by them was one of them. When you log in to Flalingo, the platform offers a smart matching algorithm so that you can find the teacher that best suits your needs. I wanted to test for myself whether this algorithm really works.

So, I logged in to Flalingo by choosing the teacher, Colleen, whom the algorithm deemed suitable for me. I took a 25-minute trial lesson for 100 TL. Even though I proceeded with some anxiety since it was a new platform, I encountered a much more experienced teacher than I expected. My teacher, Colleen, was able to bring her experience to the lesson, and I was very relieved that she was an expert teacher. Hence, I had a more enjoyable, and productive first lesson than I had expected. In a short time, the Flalingo team contacted me and helped me choose the most suitable package for me. They provided detailed information about online their English lessons, plans and discounts. I didn't want to postpone my career goals any longer, so I wanted to give one of the discounted plans a chance. And just like that, my two-month Flalingo experience began.

My Own Experiences: What Did I Experience at Flalingo?

When you register to the platform, a smart matching algorithm welcomes you. Thanks to the detailed answers you provide here, you can quickly find the most suitable teacher for you. For example, my goal was to practice speaking for business. For this reason, I chose a teacher whose native language was English. She was also an expert in business English. Additionally, Flalingo ensures that you can have access to the best resources in your desired fields. I used Oxford University Press Business Result resources regularly and continued my lessons without having to constantly try new teachers. Thanks to these positive and unique features, Flalingo has become my favorite English platform.

My First Lessons with Flalingo

In the first week, I started to explore the platform with the courses and teachers I chose. Each English lesson lasts 50 minutes and you need to communicate with the teacher constantly throughout the lesson. Although this seemed challenging at first, the more I talked, the more I started to communicate more comfortably. In the initial lessons, we talked about the basics and got to know each other. Talking about daily topics helped me relax and warm up to my teacher.

Following Weeks

Another feature you may see later is that the app gives you the option to continue with the teacher you like. I continued my lessons with the same teacher using this feature. After the first week, we started practicing business English. Although I thought I would have struggled at first, my expert teacher prepared a lesson program that suited my level. Additionally, thanks to the updated topics, I was never bored with the lessons and continued to learn new business terms. As a result, I realized that as the lessons continued, I started speaking more fluently and confidently. At some point, my teacher and I started talking as if we were in a job interview. I think Flalingo is the best English-speaking course for me to finally comfortably speak.

Flalingo Facts vs. Flalingo Reviews

I think this two-month Flalingo experience was enough time for me to try the app and compare it with Flalingo reviews. Although I had the chance to try many features, the ones that I loved were their unique features. Some comments that caught my attention on Trustpilot also mentioned these unique features:

"A wonderful language school

A wonderful language school. Customer representatives are more attentive and problem-solving 24/7 after receiving the application. I have fun, improve myself and get in touch with foreign teachers. In fact, in addition to learning a foreign language, I also improve my general culture. I am very pleased I have always worked with the same teacher since I started. It makes me feel special to get one-on-one lessons from a foreign teacher. There is no such possibility in every application. You don't have to chase lessons or teachers, because the course program is extensive. Plus, unlimited access to Oxford publications is a bonus. Because books are not really a learning system for teaching a foreign language by rote. I also introduce my own culture to foreign teachers. I definitely recommend it.”

"It is a great advantage to be able to... 

It is a great advantage to be able to have lessons with the same teacher in every lesson. In this way, the lessons are planned and you learn English faster.”

In summary, these features offered a much better user experience than I expected and it was the application that taught me English best.

Conclusion: My Own Experiences Are Very Positive

My two-month Flalingo experience was very positive. In fact, these two months I spent with Flalingo helped me get feedback from good companies. I was eventually accepted by one and started off my career. Besides, I even received positive comments about my English from my workplace. Flalingo managed to impress me with its expert teachers, unique features, and fast results. I think Flalingo is the best online English course, especially with the education they offer in the field of business English.

Don't hesitate to give Flalingo a chance and start your education by taking a trial lesson. You'll be surprised how much your English can improve in just a week!

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