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The Most Interactive Form of English: Flalingo Group Lessons

Flalingo 19.03.2024

Are you ready to meet Flalingo group lessons, which offer the most interactive form of English?

In today's article, we'll talk about the concept of group lessons brought by Flalingo based on the requests, needs, and principles of education science of its online English students. As you know, Flalingo education is a platform that provides innovative online English course content with the principles of education science and the possibilities of technology. And as you will see, the most important feature that sets Flalingo apart from its counterparts is to progress systematically towards the student's goals, without compromising on topics and achievements in the endless journey of learning English. Remaining true to the same principles and mission, Flalingo has opened the doors of virtual group classrooms for students who want to participate in interactive lessons. Let's take a closer look at this innovation of the Flalingo family!

Table of Contents:

  • 1. On the Importance of Interactive English Learning
  • 2. Key Differences Between One-on-One and Group Lessons
  • 3. Another Group Lesson Experience with Flalingo: Why Is It Different?
  • 3.1. How Are Flalingo Group Lessons Designed?
  • 3.2. How Many People Are in Flalingo Group Lessons?
  • 3.3. What Is the Flow of an Interactive Lesson at Flalingo?
  • 3.4. Who Are Flalingo Group Lessons For?
  • 4. Conclusion: Moving Full Speed Ahead Towards Your English Goals with Flalingo Group Lessons!

On the Importance of Interactive English Learning

Group lessons are a learning tool where the concept of interactive learning is more dominant compared to individual lessons. Let's take a closer look at this environment where multiple English students focus on topics together. But before that, let's remind ourselves that the best way to learn English is through participation in classes where speaking skills are activated and mutual practice is encouraged. Because English is ultimately a language and a means of communication. Just as you need to drive to get a driver's license, you need to speak to learn English. Because English is not just a theoretical subject, it is a tool that people use to express themselves, from the smallest to the largest needs. The point where this language gains value is when you address a recipient and communicate by speaking. Interactive lessons are the ones where you will practice using English as a means of communication. These lessons have so far been conducted in a one-on-one format at Flalingo. Now, with group lessons, students are offered a different learning experience and benefits.

Key Differences Between One-on-One and Group Lessons

Of course, until now, Flalingo has not compromised on interactive lessons. However, these lessons were only provided through one-on-one, private English lessons. However, besides the student-teacher relationship, those at similar levels and conditions are also looking for English conversation partners. Flalingo group lessons bring all these together. However, let's still take a look at the similarities and differences between one-on-one and group lessons to better understand group lessons.

  • In one-on-one lessons, there is one teacher-one student participation, while in group lessons, the number of students can increase.
  • While communication occurs between two individuals in one-on-one lessons, there is a faster and more diverse communication network in group lessons.
  • Compared to one-on-one lessons, the management of group lessons is more complex.
  • The ideas developed in group lessons are more colorful and diverse compared to one-on-one lessons.
  • While there is a significant level difference between speakers in one-on-one lessons, students in group lessons can interact with individuals at their own levels.

The Group Lesson Experience with Flalingo is Unique: Why Is It Different?

Everyone has some idea about the group lesson experience in online English courses. However, the lesson structure we are focusing on today will undoubtedly come with a different content and student experience, thanks to the Flalingo touch. What sets Flalingo group lessons apart from what you've encountered so far? While we'll examine these in detail shortly, we'd like to provide a summary.

Flalingo is an application that does not compromise on professionalism when offering online English lessons to students. While other alternatives generally present the concept of online English with speaking practice for students, Flalingo shapes the practice of learning English through conversation in line with a curriculum and education standards, provided by its professional and experienced instructors. This results in successful progress. Because Flalingo does not deviate from this approach even with group lessons, it prepares the ground for a different experience.

Most importantly, Flalingo offers group lessons as a gift instead of a separate package. Because while speaking is important when learning English, one-on-one guidance is critical. At this point, it is unlikely that students will be successful if they only focus on group lessons. I think everyone agrees with Flalingo on this issue. That's why group lessons turn out to be a supportive additional feature and help a student stay immersed in English all week long.

How is the Flalingo Group Lesson Designed?

The Flalingo group lesson is structured according to a curriculum, and the lesson arrangement is designed to enable equal participation from all students. Particularly, some students' biggest concern about group lessons is not being able to participate in the conversation and not being able to benefit effectively. Because the main purpose of participating in an online English course is to solve problems related to speaking. Considering this purpose and need, Flalingo establishes a structure that will make those who lack practice and confidence in speaking feel comfortable. Prior to these lessons, specific topics and questions to be discussed are prepared. The lessons progress within the framework of these topics and questions. Therefore, all participants can adjust to the pace of the lesson.

How Many People Are in Flalingo Group Lessons?

Flalingo group lessons are limited to the participation of a maximum of 4 students, alongside an experienced and professional teacher working full-time. Those in a hurry can opt for sessions with smaller class sizes for group lessons. This number is kept to ensure that everyone contributes equally to the lesson and achieves the day's learning outcomes.

What Is the Flow of an Interactive Lesson at Flalingo?

We mentioned that in a group lesson you will attend at Flalingo, the discussion topic and questions of the day are specified. However, in an environment where people of different ideas, cultures, and education levels come together, it is very likely that you will encounter a colorful flow of the lesson. So, instead of uniform sentences, you may hear different ideas, and you can also present or join opposing ideas. With the touch of a professional instructor, each sentence constructed and topic touched upon by each student will enhance your vocabulary and speaking skills. However, to prevent topics from diverging too much, necessary guidance will be provided by the instructor, and the structure of these pre-arranged lessons helps avoid the side effects of group lessons. These lessons, which are both colorful and instructive, do not necessarily have to be taken from a different instructor each time. If you are satisfied, you can attend regular group lessons with the same instructor's participation, moderation, and presentation.

Who Are Flalingo Group Lessons For?

Flalingo group lessons are suitable for anyone in the category of English for adults. Flalingo group lessons will emerge as an ideal alternative for those who want to gain experience and confidence in speaking. Additionally, those who want to track planned learning goals alongside speaking will be comfortable in these lessons. Those who want to taste the new experiences that speaking English brings during education, be involved in real-life scenarios, and not compromise on their English learning goals meet in Flalingo group lessons.

Conclusion: Moving Full Speed Ahead Towards Your English Goals with Flalingo Group Lessons!

In conclusion, Flalingo group lessons are not only fun but also an efficient alternative for those who want to learn English. What sets these lessons apart from alternative course contents is their structured and professional approach, guided by planned and programmed instructors. Those familiar with Flalingo's one-on-one lessons are not unfamiliar with this concept. However, let's take another look at Flalingo's private English lessons:

On Flalingo's one-on-one lessons;

  • Lessons come in 25 and 50-minute options.
  • Lessons take place via video conferencing with one instructor and one student.
  • Lessons can be conducted in a relaxed and relaxed mode.
  • Lessons consist of content shaped around a curriculum determined according to the student's learning objectives and goals.
  • Oxford University Press materials are used both in and outside of lessons.
  • Lessons are designed for mutual conversation between the instructor and student, aiming to provide the student with the necessary speaking motivation and confidence.
  • With a unique system at Flalingo, students can have regular lessons with the same instructor on a flexible schedule if they wish.

Now, let's list the Flalingo group lesson experience:

  • In Flalingo group lessons, instructors are full-time professionals.
  • Lessons consist of one instructor and a maximum of 4 students.
  • Group sessions at Flalingo consist of structured lessons.
  • The subject of the lesson, discussion questions, and learning outcomes are pre-planned.
  • Equal participation from each student is ensured in group lessons at Flalingo.
  • Again, with a unique system at Flalingo, students can have regular lessons with the same instructor on a flexible schedule if they wish.

In conclusion, the standout advantages of Flalingo's one-on-one lessons and perhaps even more are not neglected in group lessons. Join the Flalingo family with just one click and achieve your dreams of learning English within this structured, programmed, and educationally committed system now!

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