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Learning English with Artificial Intelligence: Frequently Asked Questions

Flalingo 22.05.2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is advancing rapidly. As a result, the ways of learning English are undergoing significant changes. Now, online English courses like Flalingo are quickly integrating AI tools into their systems, which are supported by artificial intelligence. These tools make the process of learning English more efficient and comprehensive. However, since these AI tools are still relatively new, some students have questions about them. In other words, they don't quite understand yet how these tools contribute to learning English. In this article, we will answer frequently asked questions about learning English with artificial intelligence, explaining the advantages of these innovative tools and how they work. Let's see how artificial intelligence teaches English:

How Do English Learning Tools with Artificial Intelligence Work?

Artificial intelligence technology uses some advanced algorithms. Through these algorithms, some AI tools interact with users. These systems, which talk as if there is another person in front of you or respond via chat, are called 'generative AI'. These models also come with a promise to be your companion in language learning with their strong speaking skills. However, since these models work based on response, they are not yet powerful enough to play a more active role in teaching languages. Nonetheless, it is possible to reformulate these models appropriately and integrate them into language learning. In this way, AI tools can support your English learning with feedback focused on certain topics. Currently, in addition to standard chat models, tools reformulated for learning English with AI are also quite common.

Are Platforms Teaching English with AI Reliable?

We can answer this question with a yes; English learning tools supported by artificial intelligence are generally reliable. However, remember that each platform's features can differ. Therefore, it's important to check user ratings and reviews of the AI tool or platform you want to try. For example, Flalingo is a safe platform with regularly positive feedback from its users and customer service that is always reachable. The tool offered by this platform is also delicately customized and integrated for learning processes. If you want to learn more about this system named FLAI, just click.

What Are the Advantages of Learning English with Artificial Intelligence?

There are actually many advantages to learning English with artificial intelligence, but we can list some of the standout ones as follows: flexibility, speed, and a personalized lesson program. To elaborate a bit more:

Personalized Learning

Each student's language learning speed and method are different, so personalized education yields better results. AI tools also promise to create the most suitable lesson plan by analyzing your level and speaking skills. Therefore, every student adopts an individual study system this way. For example, Flalingo not only creates lesson plans with AI but also chooses the most suitable expert teacher for you.

Flexibility and Accessibility

These AI tools are also accessible 24/7. This means users can practice English anytime and anywhere, attend live lessons, or access online lesson materials. This flexibility is a significant advantage, especially for users with busy schedules.

Quick Error Correction

Artificial intelligence immediately detects and corrects errors made by students. This way, students can quickly notice their mistakes and correct them immediately. AI tools also instantly correct your pronunciation errors with voice recognition technology and can even teach you new words.

What is the Best Method for Learning English with Artificial Intelligence?

The best method is to combine these AI tools with what we might call traditional learning methods. What does this mean? While using AI tools, continuing to attend live English classes could be the most effective learning method. Taking lessons from real teachers while also using these tools outside of class will be very beneficial. Additionally, this combination accelerates your English learning process and teaches English in the most accurate way. Therefore, we recommend that you definitely take online and live English classes while learning with artificial intelligence. Otherwise, you might still struggle with regular practice and maintaining motivation.

How Do We Teach English with Artificial Intelligence at Flalingo?

As the Flalingo family, we also benefit from artificial intelligence technology and the latest innovations. In this way, we aim to teach English in the most beneficial way to our students from various age groups and levels. Let’s see exactly how FLAI, our AI-powered English teaching tool on our platform, achieves this with its features:

English Level Determination

With FLAI, which can also be included in your lessons, it is possible to determine your English level most accurately. From the moment you start speaking with FLAI, it begins analyzing your English level. It also records the number of words you use, their frequency, your speed, and which areas of English you are more interested in. Thus, it is possible to get the most accurate reports about your English level and progress according to these reports.

Expanding Your Vocabulary

Thanks to FLAI, our students can collect the words learned in lessons in a vocabulary pool and study these words. In addition, it analyzes the words you use while speaking and writing, providing reports about these words. Thus, you can see the positive aspects of this feature not only while speaking but also during writing practices.

Detection of Grammar Errors

Not only the words you use but also your grammar is thoroughly analyzed thanks to FLAI. So, FLAI easily finds the grammar mistakes in your sentences and tells you how to correct them. Therefore, it is possible to learn grammar rules and usages with FLAI.

Opportunity to Receive Regular Homework

At the end of each of your lessons, FLAI gives you regular homework for the English skills you lack or need to correct. FLAI immediately identifies any deficiencies in any English topic or skill and assigns related homework to prevent you from falling behind on topics. Thus, you can continue to improve your English outside of live lessons. With FLAI, you don't have to wait until the next lesson to work on these deficiencies.

Time to Benefit from the Latest Technology for Your English with Flalingo FLAI

In summary, artificial intelligence technology continues to change our English learning habits, and these changes are positively affecting our English learning process. Therefore, learning English with artificial intelligence has now become a preferred method. It is possible to learn English in the most correct way by combining features such as personalized study plans, flexibility, and quick analyses with live lessons and teachers. Therefore, the proper integration of these tools into courses according to educational sciences is essential. As the Flalingo family, we also work to create the most suitable English learning experience for you by combining artificial intelligence technology with real lessons. Don’t forget to join us to experience artificial intelligence technology with Flalingo and learn English faster. By joining, you can also incorporate the latest technology into your English journey, and we wish you success in advance!

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