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Flalingo 16.11.2023

Just as every ship has a captain and every captain has a compass, there should be a course that guides you in English education and a textbook in which the lessons are followed. That's why, in today's article, we focus on the subject of English textbooks and inform those who are interested.

Flalingo, which does not hide behind excuses in English education and always wants to offer you the best, provides Oxford University Press books, whose quality has been proven worldwide, free of charge. If you want to benefit from Flalingo's English course and workbook resources and access an unlimited library, click.


  • The Importance of Textbooks in English Education
  • Methodology of English Books: How is it Prepared?
  • Methodology of English Books: How Does It Teach Us?
  • Let's Get to Know Flalingo's Choice Oxford University Press English File Series
  • Conclusion: Oxford University Press Experience is with You 24/7 with Flalingo Quality!

The Importance of Textbooks in English Education

The importance of the textbook in English education has been relegated to the background. Nowadays, most of us need to look at the content of the English course we choose, whether online or face-to-face. However, learning English is a process that requires both effort and good planning. Otherwise, you will jump from topic to topic and fail to learn English.

It provides a significant advantage in planning. At the same time, it aims to provide you with the essential reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills you need to acquire and cover the grammar topics. You can find planning opportunities, learning grammar rules at the right level, and teaching lessons on exciting topics in the right textbook. In addition, it offers plenty of practice opportunities for each subject, both in grammar vocabulary and in discussing events you may encounter in daily life. In short, textbooks are magical doors that open the world of speaking English.

Methodology of English Books: How is it Prepared?

Although I liken it to a magic wand in terms of making the complex process of learning English easier, these books have scientific methods to be effective. First, let's briefly examine the preparation process of these books and series. Learning English as a foreign language is an activity that has been carried out worldwide for many years. Oxford University Press, which we are discussing today, is one of the first printing houses that come to mind in this regard, with its nearly 500 years of experience. In other words, years of experience lie behind the preparation of textbooks. Many people who specialize in different fields join forces to prepare each book. Education scientists, professors, writers, designers, and others work on English coursebooks and workbooks. Of course, they wait to release the book as soon as it is finished. After being inspected and tested by many organizations, it is placed in showcases for our benefit.

Methodology of English Books: How Does It Teach Us?

We all know that printed publications have fallen by the wayside today. The Oxford University Press English File series, which Flalingo gives free of charge, also comes to your aid online. As a result, you can access the content 7/24 independently of the lessons and access the library provided to you to remember a subject after years.

Now, let's talk about how these books work and their impact on the English learning process.

 You open the books after you enter the class, chat with the teachers, and get comfortable speaking English. You are opening the unit, which is divided into many topics helpful to us in daily life. There is a big picture on the first page, and you do not directly learn the vocabulary and grammar by talking about it, but you slowly move on it. The following section includes listening practice. You can find out how true your comment about the photo is if you listen to this episode carefully. This way, you will hear the target topics you need to understand for the first time. Afterward, you will read about the events and see them in written form. You will take this further and learn an important subject by briefly reviewing grammar and vocabulary. In other words, instead of going astray by directly memorizing grammar and vocabulary, you will conquer English with correct and determined steps.

With the Oxford University Press books you will use in Flalingo, you will have a lesson complete with speaking exercises, keeping the rote mentality away from the English temple.

Let's Get to Know Flalingo's Choice Oxford University Press English File Series

We understood the place of the course and workbook in learning English, how they are prepared, and how they are used. After being sure about the usefulness of these reference books, let's get to know the English File book published by Oxford University Press, which will be your companion during your time with Flalingo.

In fact, English File, which appears as a series rather than a book, comes in series to provide order and stability from the beginning to the end. Again, there is a transition between A1-C1 compatible with world standards. As the levels and books progress, topics from daily life are replaced by issues that interest the whole world. For example, reading texts and conversation topics about environmental problems, globalization, and consumer society appear. It will significantly benefit those who are learning English for university preparation, academy, or IELTS and TOEFL. In other words, it is now effortless for you to achieve success by learning English in line with your different goals by connecting with the proper subjects, with the cooperation of Flalingo and Oxford English File.

Conclusion: Oxford University Press Experience is with You 7/24 with Flalingo Quality!

In today's article, we have presented informative content about English books and resources for those who want to learn English. Planning is essential to make the time you learn English most constructive. Of course, we have no doubt that professional teachers in the field should support quality and compatible content. Flalingo provides world-class education by combining its service with its teaching staff and course plan with the Oxford University Press English File series. Suppose you want to benefit from this advantage that you cannot find anywhere else. In that case, our door is always open to you as the Flalingo family. Feel the privilege of being a Flalingo member with just one click!

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