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Flalingo 14.06.2024

We are aware that learning English is categorized into specific levels. This is due to the fact that the information to be acquired at each level varies and must progressively build upon previous knowledge. However, business English, regrettably, is not encompassed within these levels. Consequently, individuals aspiring to articulate themselves in a serious and formal manner within the business sphere may find it necessary to undertake business English courses. If you are determined not to lose any more time in enhancing your business English, you should register with a single click and commence your journey to improve your business English.

At Flalingo, we firmly believe that the primary aspect to consider in business English is the selection of the teacher. In scenarios where mere proficiency in English is insufficient, it is advantageous to choose teachers who are well-versed in the specific terminologies of various fields. Through this article on business English, let us explore together the significance of having an expert teacher.

Why is it Important to Choose an Expert Teacher According to Their Field in Business English?

In business English, the need for a teacher according to their field varies from person to person. For instance, you might be someone who is entering or wishes to enter the business world. At this point, one of the first things you will encounter is English due to the globalizing world order. For example, you may have studied positive sciences and graduated from departments such as chemistry, physics, biology, or mathematics. You may also be a graduate of engineering or architecture faculties. At this point, you should not forget that with the development of technology companies and the entry of numerous firms into the Turkish market, your options for working in these fields have increased.

Unfortunately, graduating from these departments may not provide you with the necessary English terminology required in the business field. At this point, without wasting any time, taking business English lessons with a teacher who has knowledge in your field will help you feel confident during interviews for job applications. Moreover, with this training, when responsibilities come your way in your professional life, you will be familiar with the terms of your field. As a result, your colleagues will recognize how dedicated and well-equipped you are. Therefore, just taking lessons with an English teacher will not be sufficient for you. Instead, you should choose a teacher who is also specialized in your field.

Different Business English Subjects for Different Fields

There are numerous business fields where knowing English takes you a step further. Consequently, different English terms emerge in different business sectors. For instance, in the service sector and even in an office setting, crucial aspects include meetings and writing emails. Therefore, in your English practice, writing email exercises should be emphasized. Additionally, with Flalingo, you can engage in one-on-one lessons with your teacher, simulating business meetings. This way, you can prove yourself in office meetings and distinguish yourself with your unique style in emails. Moreover, by taking group lessons, you can overcome the anxiety experienced in meetings, allowing you to practice what you have learned in one-on-one lessons within a group setting, thus renewing your confidence. However, the first step in achieving these goals is to focus on business English in your specific field with the right business English expert teachers.

Specialized English Teachers from Marketing to Psychology at Flalingo

If you have started working in the field of marketing, the first thing you will notice is that nearly all of the terminology is in English. On the other hand, if you are a psychology graduate, you will have realized that the most reliable articles are written in English. The common aspect of these examples is that knowing English alone is unfortunately insufficient in fields with such extensive terminology and research topics. One of the disheartening aspects is not being aware of how much you actually know in your field of study because you do not know the English terms. To overcome the anxiety caused by this lack of knowledge, taking lessons with business English expert teachers who specialize in psychology at Flalingo, for instance, will be significantly different from taking business English lessons with an ordinary teacher.

Completely Different English Terminology from Health Tourism to Aviation and Aerospace Industry

In recent years, due to the advancement of aviation and the ease of transportation, business fields that were previously unknown have emerged and even come to dominate entire sectors. For example, health tourism has taken the largest share in healthcare services. Similarly, those working in the aviation and aerospace industry know that knowing English is no longer just necessary for field workers. With all major exams for employees being entirely in English, even office workers receive salary incentives based on scores from exams.

If you are a graduate from these fields but lack English proficiency, there is no need to worry. You can start your English education directly with Flalingo. However, if you already know English but have no idea about the specific terminology of your field, you can begin your business English training with Flalingo. Specifically, by continuously taking lessons with a business English expert teacher who specializes in your field, you will improve yourself. Thus, whether you receive additional incentives to your salary or boldly volunteer when your company needs to send employees abroad, you will open doors to incredible experiences.

Business Meetings with Teachers Proficient in Different Jargons at Flalingo

It is possible to find teachers proficient in the jargon of each profession, at Flalingo. Up to this point in the article, we have mentioned that each profession has its own terminology. By mastering this terminology and studying diligently through textbooks, you can advance your business English. On the other hand, it is worth discussing the "jargon," the language created jointly by professional groups themselves. This jargon consists of English words, business English phrases, word groups that vary according to the field, and abbreviations. Thus, you create a common language with your colleagues at your workplace. This common language forms the foundation for effective and healthy communication.

I Am a Novice in the Business World, What Should I Do in Business Meetings?

When you worry, "I am new to the business world, how can I learn business jargon, and in English at that..." Flalingo's answer is very clear! Business English expert teachers in your field. This way, you can see teachers proficient in different jargons on your panel. You can freely review their resumes and watch their videos to decide which teacher you prefer. Subsequently, by engaging in one-on-one lessons, you will learn the patterns of business English and practice to be confident while speaking in business meetings.

Additional Features Offered by Flalingo for Business English

We have extensively discussed the importance of choosing the right teacher for business English. At this point, besides the one-on-one lessons you will have with business English expert teachers, we also offer various materials to support you throughout the process. These include Oxford University Press books and AI-supported lesson reports. Let us take a closer look at these features.

Business English with Oxford University Press Business Result Books

Flalingo teachers, who work with the Business Result books specifically produced by Oxford University Press for business English, advance the studies related to all the business fields we previously mentioned by assigning tasks from these books. Thus, we provide valuable course material to Flalingo business English students, especially those who need exam scores. In other words, while improving your speaking skills with business English practices during online lessons, you can also do exercises if you wish. Based on the communication established with your private English teacher, a lesson plan will be prepared according to your deficiencies.

Business English in Collaboration with AI and Expert Teachers

At Flalingo, we would like to mention that, in addition to comprehensive lesson materials, we have developed an AI model to monitor your progress while learning business English with business English expert teachers. With this AI model, known as FLAI, you can receive word suggestions tailored to your field and assignments suited to your weaknesses. Additionally, you can compare the data you receive in general reports after each lesson to see your progress. Consequently, these data about your development will renew your confidence. Remember, confidence is everything in the workplace. Furthermore, if you would like to receive more detailed information on this topic, you can access the relevant blog posts on our website with just one click.

Learn Business English with Professional Online Teachers in Your Field at Flalingo!

By now, you have understood that different professional groups have distinct business terminologies and jargons. Accordingly, we prioritize every detail mentioned and work meticulously with our business English expert teachers. After all, since you have clicked on this article, you are someone who does not shy away from developing yourself and showing dedication in your professional life. We, as the Flalingo family, are aware of this. Consequently, we are confident that when you improve your English by taking lessons with expert teachers at Flalingo, your managers, employers, or corporate colleagues will notice this. If you also want to solidify your achievements in the professional life you have dedicated or will dedicate years to, you should start learning business English with Flalingo immediately! We would be proud to witness the developments in your career.

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