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Some Advice for Visionary Students Learning Business English with Flalingo

Flalingo 15.05.2024

In the globalizing world, job candidates who know high level professional English are becoming more and more prominent. If you are aiming for a bright career, then one of your priorities should be business English. If you have realized this and stepped into Flalingo, welcome to our platform. As you may know, Flalingo also stands out in the field of business English. So how can you learn business English most efficiently with Flalingo? In this article, we will give some advice to those who are learning business English with Flalingo and those who want to learn with us. Thanks to these practical tips, you can use Flalingo more efficiently and improve your business English faster.

If you are a visionary student who wants to focus on business English, you can check out Flalingo's expert teachers and ask for a trial lesson. We would be happy to see you among us!

Table of Contents:

1. Take Your First Steps in Business English with Flalingo

1.1 Find Expert Teachers in Your Field with Flalingo

1.2 Use AI-Powered Teacher Matching Algorithm

1.3 Take Advantage of Course Mode and Relaxed Mode Features

1.4 Take Advantage of Oxford Business Result's Professional Resources

1.5 FLAI Feedback Tool: Use AI-Powered Language Learning System

2. Improve Your Business English with Flalingo Features

Take Your First Steps in Business English with Flalingo

If you work full-time and have a busy schedule, regular language practices can become a difficult task for you. Doctors or engineers, in particular, may want to act more freely when it comes to attending classes regularly. At this point, taking English online private lessons may be the most useful way to study, and that's what Flalingo’s goal is. If you have completed your trial lesson on Flalingo, you might be wondering which features of the platform can further improve your Business English. Then we can start with these tips:

Find Expert Teachers in Your Field with Flalingo

The teacher you will get help from should be familiar with the professional jargon you use and offer personalized education. Therefore, choosing a teacher who is an expert in your field at Flalingo will improve your business English. On the platform, you can access teachers experienced in business English and find a teacher who knows your professional terms. Thanks to teachers who know your field, you can feel like you are in a professional business setting. During the lessons, you can start speaking business English confidently and fluently.

Use AI-Powered Teacher Matching Algorithm

Thanks to the teacher matching algorithm, users can easily find expert teachers in the English field they want. Therefore, we highly suggest you take advantage of this algorithm, which offers a much more personalized English education. This algorithm, which welcomes you when you log in to your Flalingo account, will ask you detailed questions to determine your specific needs. You can choose business English from the questions to find expert teachers in business English. Additionally, thanks to the algorithm, you can choose the lesson hours, study frequency to create your own schedule. This way, your English lessons will not be irregular and you will get the most out of your English lessons.

Take Advantage of Course Mode and Relaxed Mode Features

Additionally, the platform offers you two different lesson formats: Course mode and Casual mode. While you can improve your business English with a more intense and full course program with the course mode, you can create a simple, speaking-oriented course program with the relaxed mode. If you have had a busy work day, you can have a fun conversation by discussing daily topics with the Relaxed Mode.

Take Advantage of Oxford Business Result's Professional Resources

You will also get help from Oxford University Business Result resources that you can access during your Flalingo subscription. Thanks to these best English lesson resources, you can learn business English in the most accurate and efficient way. You also have the opportunity to access these resources unlimitedly wherever and whenever you want. These resources, which focus on phrases, professional terms and communication strategies used in the business world, may be the best resources you can use for business English.

FLAI the Feedback Tool: Use AI-Powered Language Learning Tool

Another solution Flalingo offers is the FLAI, which benefits from artificial intelligence. This tool regularly analyzes the topics you cover in lessons. It also predicts your English level and provides feedback accordingly. Especially in a field like business English, it is very important to speak professionally without errors. That's why FLAI follows your lessons and gives you suggestions. These suggestions, which improve your English faster, inform users in many areas such as pronunciation, grammatical errors, and speaking speed. Regularly following these suggestions will help you achieve greater efficiency in a shorter time.

Improve Your Business English with Flalingo Features

Giving a chance to these unique features onlyFlalingo offers will help you progress faster in your English journey. It is important to use what you have learned from the lessons effectively and correctly when it comes to learning business English. Flalingo allows you to get the most out of an online English application. Aside from their expert English teachers in business English, Flalingo offers professional materials and personalized suggestions.

If you are one of those who learn business English with Flalingo, you can also invite your colleagues. You can request a trial lesson by visiting Flalingo and start benefiting from these features. All you need to do is select the plan that best fits your English goals. Unlock unlimited career possibilities with Flalingo!

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