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A Guide to English Terms You Will Encounter in Business Life

Flalingo 05.12.2023

We examine the business English terms and abbreviations you will encounter online. If one of the globalizing world conditions is knowing English, the other is mastering the Internet. Ultimately, communication processes via the Internet are created with convenience in mind. In this case, the terms, usages, or systems that are part of your business are defined in a short and catchy way that is compatible with the Internet. But there is a more critical issue: These terms and phrases are rooted in English. If you want to use these terms correctly in the business world where English speakers win, this guide is just for you. Here are the most popular English terms divided into business lines!

To have no boundaries when determining your career goals, you must know English. Flalingo Business English is with you so the world can see your talents. The business English you need to expand your career boundaries or open your company's doors to the world is just a click away.

Table of Contents

  • Some Terms and English Origins for Marketers
  • Some Terms and English Origins for Financiers
  • Some Terms and English Origins for HR Professionals
  • Conclusion: No matter what your line of work is, do not forget to use English

Some Terms and English Origins for Marketers

The marketing arm, which prepares the brand's showcase for customers, requires adopting a versatile working principle. It takes work to keep your finger on the pulse of the relationship between the brand and the customer. Let's now examine the terms and abbreviations used in this line of business, together with the language structure.

  • KPI - Key Performance Indicator: This term, actually reflects the goals and the process of reaching this goal. The verb "indicate" is a word you will use instead of saying show as your English level improves. Here, it is used in the noun form and means something that shows or measures.
  • KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid: In fact, it is one of the famous terms we can extend to business life, specifically marketing. It is a reminder of the need to keep things, plans, and processes as simple as possible. I hope you noticed that this sentence is in the imperative mood. Also, the word stupid adds a fun and sincerity factor. In this way, it reminds us of the effectiveness of slogans with KISS and suggests simultaneously.
  • COS - Content Optimization System: Although we translate it into other languages, most of this term will remain in English. This term means the system used to optimize content and provide more traffic.
  • WOM - Word of Mouth: Although it is more suitable for verbal expression, its adaptation to the Internet has also been rapid. This term, which refers to information flow processes, is mainly used in content or social media marketing. While word-by-word translation into our language causes a loss of meaning, this expression is exemplified better with the game of the telephone.
  • SaaS - Software as a Service: This term is an indispensable part of the marketing field, whose use is increasing with technology development. SaaS can be expressed locally as “software as a service”. The subject here is providing software as a service to different companies. This expression gives us an example of one of the ways the word "as" is used. If you don't know how the word "as" will change from sentence to sentence, rise in your career while completing your lackings with Flalingo Business English!

Some Terms and English Origins for Financiers

Finance, another vital business line, has also quickly adapted to English under the influence of globalization. If you, as a financier, want to catch this rhythm, you can start by learning the most popular English terms.

  • A2A - Account to Account: A simple finance term can be directly explained as account to account. It describes the transfer of money between accounts without an intermediary. The word “to” is also expressed briefly as “2” due to the similarity of sounds in English.
  • PaaS - Payments as a Service: This acronym is also formed with the “as” pattern. Here, it is mentioned that the payment system is offered as a service. The verb “pay”, has also become a noun as payment.
  • PSP- Payment Service Provider: When we open it as Payment Service Provider, we can get enough information about it. There is an important word I want to draw your attention to here: provider. The verb provide is used in particular patterns in English. Especially learning the phrase provide someone with something means that you have now progressed from intermediate to advanced level. In this sentence, the noun has become a noun with the suffix -er.
  • ROI - Return on Investment: This term, is of great importance for financiers. If the ROI is over 100% after the necessary calculations, you are making a profit. There is no reason why you cannot make profits worldwide by mastering English, which is as valid as mathematics. You can show your knowledge and skills in finance worldwide by learning English with Flalingo. Make a Business English investment in yourself, and proudly enjoy the rocketed career as a return.

Some Terms and English Origins for HR Professionals

Now let's look at the terms and abbreviations that will attract the attention of companies' human resources departments. Of course, the first abbreviation I will mention is HR: Human Resources. Now let's narrow it down to something more specific:

  • AWOL - Away Without Leave: The situation in which an employee leaves his job without notice is briefly described in this way. What draws our attention here is the word "leave". This word, which we would generally translate as leaving in other languages, actually means "permission" in this usage. Of course, this usage can be quite confusing for those who see it for the first time. However, it is always beneficial to be prepared for different uses and meanings when learning English.
  • BOD - Board Of Directors: This usage contains a word but a different meaning that strikes one. However, the first meaning of the word board that came to your mind was not this board. Again, beware of the words that can have multiple meanings depending on the context. 
  • KSI - Key Success Indicator: This term reflects quite a similarity with another term we discussed in this article. It is an important term that indicates measures for effectiveness and expected profit.
  • HRIS - Human resource information system: If you are an HR manager, take note of this useful term and the technology it refers to. With HRIS, which is the abbreviation of human resources information management system, the information of all employees can be processed and stored securely.
  • HCM - Human Capital Management: it would be appropriate to refer to it as HCM in the international arena regardless of your mother tongue. HCM describes the system that supports employee management in matters such as recruitment, provision of necessary training, payroll, future planning, and retirement planning.

Conclusion: No matter what your line of work is, do not forget to use English

Today's topic was abbreviations and terms that will give respite to those running around in business life. We discussed the professional words that will be encountered by those working in marketing, finance and human resources and examined their meanings and structural content. But this doesn't work without English. If you want to move your career forward while taking your professional skills abroad, your solution may be to learn business English. Suppose you want to learn a language under the guidance of native English teachers and practice your profession independently of time and place. In that case, I recommend that you do not miss the advantages of Flalingo. Flalingo is here to help you stand out in your professional life!

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