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10 Life-Saving Tips for Those Living Abroad

Flalingo 14.12.2023

Even though we are a part of globalisation and witness the country's borders slowly being erased, we actually still live in the reality we call abroad that is too far. Yes, we are becoming more and more similar to each other day by day and we can communicate very quickly. But moving from one country to another comes with many responsibilities. Especially the issue of fitting your life into a suitcase and moving to a different country is of special importance. This article was written specifically for those who lives abroad. We know that you face many difficulties in a different country. In this article, you can find tips that will make your adaptation process more convenient.

If the life abroad becomes bring you complexities, Flalingo is the solution! It is much easier for you to learn English which is valid all over the world, under the guidance of our teaching staff from all over the world. Let the lessons transform your life, where you will learn English tips that will help you in official, daily and career matters. Join the Flalingo family with just one click and open the doors of the world to the fullest!

Table of Contents:

  • Tips to Make Your Life Easier
  • What You Need to Know About Official Documents and Permits
  • Ideas to Help You Keep Up with the Culture
  • Conclusion: Flalingo is with You to Make Your Life Abroad More Easier

Tips to Make Your Life Easier

For a life relocated abroad, first and foremost, you need an occupation; job, study, or charity work where you can put your profession and skills into practice. This way, you won't have to worry about expenses, permits and other procedures during this process, and you can make plans for the future. Now, let's learn how you can continue your life abroad:

1) Learning English

We can say that each profession has its own techniques and rules, as well as a different language. This profession-specific language, generally called professional jargon, actually may differ from country to country. It would be very difficult to continue your professional life without this jargon, which can change a lot with different terms and usages in English. However, it is not difficult to find special business English solutions for those who want to continue their careers in different countries. For example, Flalingo comes with the option just for you. Regardless of your profession, it provides you with special training support. Thus, there is no obstacle to continue your profession successfully without any language boundaries.

2) A Smart Application Processes

After learning English and obtaining the certificate, the next step is deciding where and what you want to do. With your own skills, qualifications, and vision, there will certainly be plenty of opportunities for you to contribute abroad. By establishing effective communication with the institutions and individuals you will be involved with during this process, and preparing for interviews, you can increase your chances of being accepted. Meeting people from different cultures, especially in organizations that offer privileges to foreign workers or students, can be a valuable experience for your personal development. Therefore, we can say that a detailed research process awaits you.

3) Obtaining Required Permits

Obtaining a permit for work or education is one of the most crucial steps towards securing your life abroad for a much longer period. This is because your ability to contribute value to the country you are in will be appreciated, and in return, you may be rewarded with the opportunity for permanent residency. Consequently, the tasks you need to handle at government offices will also decrease.

What You Need to Know About Official Documents and Permits

Since our topic is about documents that are important for the continuation of your life abroad, let's examine this issue in detail for you. Here are life-saving tips on official procedures and paperwork:

4) Passport and Visa Approval 

Individuals who live abroad should not neglect the necessary paperwork. You should always be especially alert about the up-to-dateness of your passport. Necessary renewal processes should not be left to the last minute. Living abroad has Kafkaesque influences. Now that you have entered this process, being organized will mean that you can live the life of your dreams as you wish.

5) Be Informed About Tax Obligations and Other Rules

Paying taxes is one of the requirements of being an adult. Each country has its own taxation and collection system. You should learn your place in this system and fulfill your tax responsibilities regularly. Finding a job in this regard can provide you with great convenience. The institution you work for will provide you with the most accurate information on taxes in the fastest way.

If you are not currently employed, the rules of the country will still apply to you. For example, not fulfilling your responsibilities in terms of recycling can make life challenging for you. The easiest solution to these issues is to be aware of the rules by conducting thorough research.

6) Approval of Driver's License and Other Documents

This issue is of particular interest to our readers living in overseas countries. Although some European countries have a developed transportation network and a bicycle-friendly system, life without a car is almost impossible, especially in countries such as the USA, Canada or Australia. Of course, what will be a life saver here is the document and driver's license. If you are already a driver, you need to have your license validated. Many different processes and procedures await you for this, depending on the country.

If your country accepts a driver's license from a different country, you only need to obtain a driving permit. For this, you need to have your driver's license notarized and get some kind of permission to become a driver.

But in some countries it may not be that easy. At this point, a procedure we call equivalence procedures will begin. In order for your driver's license to be valid in your country of residence, you must meet certain criteria. Of course, you should be prepared for a new driver test after this. If you know the traffic rules, you do not need to be afraid. Of course, our advice would be to do a thorough revision before the exam. After a successful exam, get your equivalence and start traveling around this new country.

Ideas to Help You Keep Up with the Culture

When you move to a country, catching up with life as it goes by is as important as finding a job and getting the necessary paperwork in order to get your life back on track. Otherwise, staying as a foreigner in that country may wear you out emotionally. However, the social adaptation process that will make living abroad easier may perhaps mean the most enjoyable process. Now here are our tips on adapting to the culture for those living abroad:

7) Don't Be Afraid to Communicate with People

There is no need to start with big steps to become a part of a society. Even a smile can make your adaptation process easier. By having simple conversations with people in the market, restaurant, or other areas, you can both increase your English speaking skills and strengthen your self-confidence. For example, you can ask people you meet at the grocery store for their opinions on products. Meeting, talking and becoming a native of that society will start with these small steps.

8) Attend Events

Participating in concerts, festivals, fairs or small or large events that we call “garage sales” will both entertain you and help you socialize with other people. You already know about entertainment opportunities abroad. You can attend an event that suits your own sense of entertainment. You can start making friends by meeting new people in such environments. In this way, you will have the chance to learn more closely about the culture you are entering.

9) Effective Use of Social Media

Before detailing this suggestion, I would like to make a warning. This new lifestyle you are in may seem scary at first. If you rely entirely on social media for help in getting through this period, you may become even more introverted. My suggestion to you is to use social media in moderation. Even though you miss your old life, friends and job, you also need to add new people to a new life. You can meet people in the same situation as you through social media. By using location opportunities, your virtual friendship can continue in real life.

10) Acquiring New Hobbies and Joining Communities

We have already reached the last tip that will make our life abroad easier. To improve both your social life and your English, you can acquire hobbies that will contribute to your personal development. It is easier abroad to find club-like communities where you can share your ideas and socialize in the field you are interested in. Because in developed countries, people have free time and are offered different opportunities to use it. At this point, you can join various communities, learn new things and socialize with people who share similar tastes with you. This is how easy and fun it is for someone who has settled abroad to adapt.

Remember, you are not alone in this process. As Flalingo, you can find the necessary language support under our roof. While your English will improve with native English speaking instructors, you will also gain valuable information about the culture you live in.

Conclusion: Flalingo is with You to Make Your Life Abroad More Easier

Our topic today concerned our readers who went abroad. In addition to the many opportunities your new life will bring, there may also be difficulties and struggles. That's why we are here with 10 tips to make life easier for those living abroad. We offered 10 tips on life in general, documents and procedures, and finally social life. I hope our article was useful for you. But I must remind you once again that learning English is essential for the health of this process. Searching for a solution without proper communication can turn into a waste of effort and time. However, Flalingo provides you with solutions to make both your business and social life easier. Don't postpone your life, come to Flalingo with one click!

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